Class 10 New English Notes

Class 10 New English Notes Chapter 1

Q.1 What was caliph Haroon-ur-Rashid known and regarded for? 
Ans. Caliph Haroon-ur-Rashid was renowned for his insight and equity. The Caliph was insightful thusly as he used to mask himself to know the issues and troubles of the subject all the more uninhibitedly and balance. 
Q.2 For what reason did he experience the boulevards of Baghdad? 
Ans. He would experience the boulevards of Baghdad to blend with the everyday citizens to increase direct information on their troubles. He accepted that by receiving the regular way of life, he encountered the issues in the obvious sense. 
Q.3 What did the Qazi state to the Caliph? 
Ans. Initially, Qazi drew nearer to the Caliph saluted him and introduced a baffling case, which the Qazi couldn’t settle. The puzzle was upsetting the Qazi because the two men were asserting the responsibility for the same pony. 
Q.4 What was the debate between the rich man and the poor person? 
Ans. The contest between the rich man and the hobo on account of a pony. Them two were guaranteeing the responsibility for in addition to blaming each other for theft. 
Q.5 What did the rich man tell the Caliph? 
Ans. The rich man told the Caliph that he was riding towards the city. On along these lines, he saw a bum, who requested a ride up to city entryway. A short time later the hobo would not get down from the pony and asserted that the pony was his. 
Q.6 What did the homeless person tell the Caliph? 
The homeless person told the Caliph that he had burned through the entirety of his cash on the pony. That morning the homeless person was riding to the city and saw the rich man strolling along the street. He requested a lift since he was in hustle however a short time later wouldn’t limit guaranteeing that the pony had a place with him. 
Q.7 For what reason did the bum will not go down the pony? 
Ans. The homeless person would not get down the pony since he needed to ransack the rich man of his pony. He likewise created a bogus story to guarantee his proprietorship. 
Q.8 What did the pony do when the hobo contacted it? 
Ans. At the point when the hobo contacted the pony, it jumped as though it didn’t care for the bit of his hand. This response of the creatures shows that it was not possessed by the homeless person. 
Q.9 What did the pony do when the rich man contacted it? 
Ans. At the point when the rich man contacted the pony, it neighed and grunted with joy. This response of the pony demonstrated the genuine responsibility for a rich man. 
Q.10 What did the Caliph state to the poor person? 
Ans. The Caliph articulated the poor person that he was a nest and underhanded man. Furthermore, by excusing him solicited him to ask the exculpation from the rich man. A short time later the rich man excused him. 


  1. 1. Manage the cost of … I can’t bear the cost of such an overwhelming cost. 
  2. 2. Astounded … Ali was confounded with the whole. 
  3. 3. Camouflage …… The entertainer camouflaged himself as a lady in a second. 
  4. 4. Debate … The Kashmir question is a bone of conflict among India and Pakistan. 
  5. 5. Loan …… If you don’t mind loaning me your material science book. 

Equivalent words 

  • 1. shudder – tremble 
  • 2. astound – astonish 
  • 3. stick – stick 
  • 4. demand – ask 
  • 5. solidify – solidify 
  • 6. extreme – harsh 
  • 7. absolutely – totally 
  • 8. camouflage – stow away 
  • 9. self-evident – clear 
  • 10. baffled – befuddled 
  • 11. blend – blend 

Complete the Sentences 

  • 1. An enormous group had assembled outside the court. 
  • 2. The squires crowed round the Caliph. 
  • 3. The Caliph masked himself as a typical man. 
  • 4. The individuals perceived the Caliph despite his mask. 
  • 5. His correct leg is shorter than the left leg, so he has a limp in his walk. 
  • 6. The rich man saw the weak bum limping along the street. 
  • 7. The bum motioned to him to stop. 
  • 8. He stopped and did not move. 
  • 9. He articulated a couple of words and afterwards lost awareness. 
  • 10. To his articulate dissatisfaction he fizzled in the assessment. 
  • 11. The rich man went running along the street. 
  • 12. The pony was running at a run. 
  • 13. The rich man and the homeless person both guaranteed the pony. 
  • 14. Whose guarantee was seen as evident? 

Action words and Things 

1. Ask – Beggary 
2. Live – Life 
  • 3. Loan – Advance 
  • 4. Accept – Conviction 
  • 5. Kindly – Charming 
  • 6. Give – Blessing 
  • 7. Talk – Discourse


1. Depict the question between the rich man and the helpless homeless person and how did the Caliph demonstrate that the hobo was a liar? 
The question between the rich man and the bum was a result of a white pony. Them two were guaranteeing the responsibility for the horse in addition to blaming each other for the theft. Right off the bat, rich man riding to the city, he saw the bum limping along the street. He felt frustrated about him and surrendered him a ride city entryway. A short time later, the bum would not get off asserting that pony had a place with him. The homeless person additionally recounted to a similar story with scarcely any corrections. 
The Caliph, being savvy, settled the debate in a moment. He requested both the men to contact the pony. At the point when the homeless person contacted the pony, it indicated the disappointment by jumping. In any case, when the rich man contacted the pony, It neighed and grunted with delight. The response of the creature demonstrated genuine responsibility for the rich man. As such the case was chosen and the Caliph had the option to demonstrate that the poor person was a liar and underhanded man. 

2. What is the lesson of the exercise “The Savvy Caliph”? 

The exercise “The Shrewd Caliph” instructs us that if somebody is untrustworthy to you and terribly treats you, you ought not to treat him in the same way in which she carried on. The best retribution for a terrible deed is a decent deed. 


Section –to 3 

Question and Replies 
Q.1 What does “Akhund” mean? 
Ans. “Akhund” is a Sindhi word got from a Persian word “Khandan” which signifies “to peruse”. It is the best word to communicate the educator’s respect and status. 
Q.2 How does an educator satisfy, God’s order? 
Ans. The educator satisfies God’s order by following up on the main connection for example “to peruse” (IQRA). The instructor watches God’s Law by perusing from the human heart, nature and the Blessed book. 
Q.3 What are the characteristics of an educator? 
Ans. The instructor must have some close to home and experts Walks. Individual characteristics incorporate enthusiasm for information, worship for numerous kinds information, an inclination for understudies government assistance. Different characteristics are love to gain from each source and to apply for all intents and purposes what he lectures. 
Q.4 Why is fish significant for us? 
Ans. Fish is significant, for us since it is a wellspring of food and a few side-effects are acquired from fish for example stick, excrement, liver oil. Getting fish is one of the eldest and basic callings of the world because of which an enormous number of individuals are locked in with this calling. It is likewise a thriving exchange. 
Q.5 What are the various methods of fishing? 
Ans. Freshmen fishing or fishing – inland and ocean or marine fishing are the two distinct methods of fishing. Freshwater fishing is done in waterways, Lakes, streams, lakes and so on while marine fishing is done in seas, ocean, beachfront regions and so forth. 
Q.6 For what reason do individuals like refreshment fish? 
Ans. Individuals like refreshment fish as a result of its delectable taste. They are of little size and simpler to get instead of marine fishing. It is generally gotten from waterways, lakes, lakes, trenches and so on. 
Q.7 Where is marine fishing done in Pakistan? 
Ans. In Pakistan, marine fishing is done in the Bedouin ocean long the coast. The risks of marine fishing incorporate delay stay o the angler in the remote ocean. The other peril is an unexpected difference in climate, which can bring about the loss of numerous lives. 


Clarify anyone nature of an instructor. 
The richest nature of an instructor is that he checks out gaining from each source. He doesn’t spare a moment in catching information from each point throughout everyday life. He doesn’t keep himself focused on the books as it were. In any case, attempts to pick up information from any and everybody. indeed, even those more youthful or less skilled than himself. It implies that he remains understudy for eternity. Along these lines, the great instructor is one who is excited for picking up information from each wellspring of life. 

Inconspicuous Entry 

Before railroads were made the cultivator inferred little advantage on plentiful gather. He was unable to send his item to far off spots to be sold; and if the land delivered more than it was required in a specific locale, as would occur in a decent season. Costs fell and the cultivator was denied of the benefit which he may have expected, undoubtedly, he regularly thought that it was progressively prudent to leave separated of his harvest circuit. 
The railroad has adjusted these conditions evened out has empowered farming, produce the upgrades in correspondence to be sent to any separation with the outcome that costs have been in all spots, inside sensible good ways from the rail line. At the point when reap are bountiful, groceries no longer not for need of purchasers, since the rancher presently approaches all the business sectors of the world.


1. Record to principle issues the rancher needed to look before railroads were made? 
Ans. The principle perils the rancher needed to confront were that he was unable to send his produce to the distant. The other issue was that if more yield is collected, the costs fell and he denied the benefit. 
2. For what reason did the costs of agrarian produce fall in great season? 
Ans. the costs of agrarian items fell in the great season due to the plentiful amount of produce. 
3. For what reason did the cultivators some of the time leave a piece of his yield whole? 
Ans The ranchers now and again left a piece of their harvest whole since it was discovered more prudent for them other than getting low costs for the produce. 
4. How has the improvement in correspondence assisted with adjusting the costs of agribusiness produce? 
Ans. The improvement in correspondence has assisted with adjusting the costs of rural items because after the foundation to ship connect, the items can be taken to ay part of the world. 
5. Change the intense action words into Current state. 
Ans. were made – are made, inferred – determine 

Fill in the Spaces 

  • 1. The instructor inspected every understudy cautiously. 
  • 2. Stream Indus is a significant supply of water for irrigation. 
  • 3. Stamp gathering is a decent pastime. 
  • 4 The lunch was exceptionally delectable. 
  • 5. They are modernizing their plant by bringing in new hardware. 
  • 6. Manara is a seaward island. 
  • 7. Coal Vehicle is a result of petroleum. 


Put the action word in the right tense. 
1. I will stay(stay) here until he comes (come) back. 
2. If you speak(speak) reality, I will not rebuff (not rebuff) you. 
3. At the point when he came to (come to) the station the train had shown up (show up). 
4. I discovered (discover) the book which I had lost (lose). 
5. If you don’t hustle (not rush) you will (miss) the train. 
6. On the off chance that it doesn’t rain (not downpour) we will (go) out for a stroll at night. 
7. If he considers (study) normally he will pass (finish) the assessment. 
8. He went (go) to the market and purchased (purchase) two exercise books yesterday. 
9. I go (travel to another country) for higher investigations when my outcome is declared (report). 
10. The educator rebuffed (rebuff) the young men who hadn’t done (not done) the schoolwork. 

Utilization of “Since” or “For”. 

1. It has been pouring since morning. 
2. They have been playing football for 60 minutes. 
3. I have been living in this house since January. 
4. She has been experiencing a fever for two days. 
5. I have been planning for the assessment since Sunday last. 
6. He has been building a house for a half year. 
7. The young lady has been making a doll since early afternoon. 
8. He has been concentrating in this school since 1984. 


1. To pull out of something. 
Which means: To pull back from an understanding. 
Sentence: You gave you a word that you should help. Try not to pull out of it. 
2. To steer clear of the real issue. 
Which means: To circumvent the theme to keep away from the point. 
Sentence: Say precisely what you mean and quit avoiding the real issue. 
3. Unresolved issue with somebody. 
Which means a complaint about something. 
Sentence: I have an unresolved issue with you. 

Equivalent words 

1. Reflection – Picture 
2. Cherished – safeguarded cautiously 
3. Divine – of God 
4. Respect – respect 
5. Second to none – the best 
6. developing – creating 
7. proficient – concerning one’s activity 
8. respect – conclusion 

Pick the Correct Significance 

1. reverencing – (turning around, offering appreciation to, alluding) 
2. acknowledges – (thinks, pays cash to values) 
3. recorded – (request, composed, depicted) 
4. order – (authentication, order, temperature) 
5. considers – (ponders, meanders about, swims about) 
6. skilled – (compensated, gifted, indebted) 
7. sources – (impacts, wounds, wellsprings) 
8. endeavours (gatherings, makes a decent attempt, rests) 
9. joining – (shut down, make some portion of, make a job of ) 
10. status – (a nation, position, property)

What did the Qazi state to the Caliph? 

to the Caliph saluted him, and introduced a baffling case, which the Qazi couldn’t settle. The puzzle was upsetting the Qazi on the grounds that the two men were asserting the responsibility for the same pony