My Best Friend Class 10 English Essay

My Best Friend Class 10 English Essay

Essay English 10 Class

Today, true and loyal friends are seldom found. A true friend is one who stands by his friend in times of need. If a person leaves his friend at a time when he needs it the most. He cannot be called a true friend. He is a good weather friend. A needy friend is really a friend. It’s really hard to find real friends in this world. Not every shiny thing is gold. We must distinguish between good and bad friends. We must know that only a person who is sincere and honest can be a good friend. A good friend makes you happy. He shares not only our joys but also our sorrows.

I am a very true friend very lucky He is Mr Kamran. He’s my best friend. He’s my age. He’s well-dressed and has a clean, honest look. He is smart and powerful. He is fair in his colour. We have been studying in the same school for five years. He lives near my house. We spend most of our time together. He is his father’s only son. He comes from a rich family. Her father is a bank manager. His mother is also employed. She is a teacher in a government high school. Although her parents are well off, they are not proud of their wealth. They are very pious. They treat me like their own son.

I like Irshad because he has a smiling face. He is a good boy and never fights with anyone. If a poor boy is unable to pay his fees, Arshad comes to save his life by paying his fees. He is also kind to animals and never hurts them. He got up early in the morning and went for a walk. He is very special about cleanliness. He hates evil, but not the oppressor. He thinks it is better to correct them.

My best friend is very intelligent and hardworking. She is our class monitor. He is very popular among his classmates. He believes in constant struggle. He is at the top of his class. But he is never proud of his ability. She likes reading books. He is very helpful for weak students. He also helps me study subjects in which I am weak. He also plays an important role in the welfare of the school.

This is also a great game. He participates in many sports in the evenings. He also takes an active interest in scouting and other healthy activities. In this way, he develops his physical, moral and intellectual faculty. He has no interest in politics.

He is very sociable. He respects his teachers. His good manners earned him the admiration of both his teachers and classmates. His teachers always talk about him and say that he is an intelligent boy and hopes for a bright future. He is a kind and straightforward friend. We have always helped each other. We never let any misunderstanding get in our way. I am proud to have such a sincere friend. He lived a long life!

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