Unit 09 Poem Equipment Edgar Guest

Unit  09  Poem Equipment Edgar Guest 2021

Summary and Analysis of Equipment by Edgar Guest

A. Answer the following question.

Q1: Paraphrase the second stanza of the poem “Equipment”?
Ans: My Lad! You have to understand this reality that God has gifted you with all capabilities that have given to all the greatest men. Just like those great men, you have two-arm, two hands, two legs, two eyes, and a brain. All the great men started their life with these things, so take start to reach the top because you can do everything.

Q2: Summarize the poem “Equipment”?

Ans: The poem Equipment has been written by Edgar Guest. In this poem, he addresses us & says that every person in this world has been granted the same physical capabilities i.e. Eyes, Ears, Legs, Hands, Arms, and a brain. The greatest men have had also these capabilities. All the great persons use these common tools in their daily lives for becoming great men in the world. In terms of body structure & physical power, all human beings are the same, so it is possible for every man to reach the top and achieve great goals.

Q3: Write down the rhyme scheme of the poem Equipment?

Ans: The rhyme scheme of the poem Equipment is AA BB CC. The poet sometimes repeats some words like the word ‘Two’ inline 3.

Q4: What is the theme of the poem Equipment?

Ans: The theme of the poem Equipment is that All human beings have been awarded by Allah with all the equipment needed for success. Now it’s up to them to utilize that equipment or not. All people are responsible for their own fate.

Q5: “All human beings are created equal” Explain this statement in the light of the poem Equipment?

Ans: In the poem Equipment, the poet says that all human beings are created equal. It means that Allah awarded all human beings with two eyes, two legs, two hands, two arms, and a brain. Now it’s up to them to decide how to use these qualities and capabilities.
Q6: How do you feel after reading the poem?
Ans: After reading the poem we feel more excited, energic, optimistic, and hopeful. The poem provided us some extra energy and sparks determination within us.

B. Choose the correct option.

1.(b) Metaphor 2.(c) Advice 3.(a) Imagery
4.(d) optimistic 5.(d) Will, courage and self- control

Unit 09 Poem Equipment Edgar Guest GRAMMAR

Prepositions: A preposition is a word used to link nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words within a sentence. They act to connect the people, objects, time, and locations of a sentence. Prepositions are usually short words, and they are normally placed directly in front of nouns. In some cases, you’ll find prepositions in front of gerund verbs. i.e to. In, off, by, etc. are prepositions.

A. Choose the correct preposition of movement or direction in each sentence.
1.(a) to 2.(d) Along 3.(c) Down 4.(a) Into 5.(a) To

B. Choose the correct preposition of time or place in each sentence.
1.(d) Away from 2. (a) Up 3. (b) Down 4.(c) On

  1. (b) Since 6. (a) in 7. (c) On 8. (a) At

Prepositional phrase: Poem Equipment Edgar Guest
A prepositional phrase is a group of words consisting of a preposition, its object, and any words that modify the object. Most of the time, a prepositional phrase, modifies a verb or a noun.

Complete the following sentences choosing the appropriate prepositional phrase.
1.(c) Except for 2.(a) To a great extent
3.(a) In spite of this 4.(b) Apart from
5.(b) Matter with.

KPK G10 English Chapter 9 (Equipment) Newly updated 2021 notes for all Pakistan education boards


Q.1) Paraphrase the second stanza of the poem ”Equipment”.

Paraphrase of Second Stanza:
You must look upon the lives of the wise and great men who take their food from the common plate and use the same knives and forks to have their meal just like you. They too tie their shoes with the same laces that you also use. Even still, with all these similarities, due to their wisdom and intellect, the world considers them courageous, unique and intelligent. When they started their journey of life, they had all the things just similar to the things you are owing now. the world sees them as being braver and smarter than others.

Q.2) Summarize the poem ”Equipment”.

In this poem ‘Equipment’, the poet Edgar Guest was giving a piece of advice to his son. He was telling him that he has blessed with all the equipment i.e. hands, arms, legs, eyes, and brain by Allah Almighty which were also given to the wise and brave men of the world. The poet was asking him to make effective use of all the equipment to lead a successful life. He was advising his son that he had all the abilities and capabilities to win the race of triumph but the only thing that was needed by him was the courage, will-power, and self-control. He must know how and when to use the equipment in a way that would help him to play a constructive role in society by attaining success. The poet was saying to his son that he would never face a failure until and unless he would not make effective use of his equipment at the right time. If he would fail, then it was totally his fault due to his own fearsome attitude. God has equipped the life of all his creatures with the same equipment now it was in the hands of the people either to make or break the statue of triumph. He was giving a boost to his son’s morale that he must be courageous enough to face the challenges of life as courage was not an alien thing but it resided within the soul of a being. Whenever you would start your work, you must say “I can” only then you would be successful, leaving behind all the fears and failures of life.

Q.3) Write down the rhyme scheme of the poem “Equipment”.

The rhyme scheme of the poem ‘Equipment’ is aa bb cc. Each stanza of the poem has six lines and there are the rhyming words in the first two lines, then the third and the fourth has the rhyming pattern and similarly the fifth and sixth have the rhyming words. 

Q.4) What is theme of the poem “Equipment”?

The theme of the poem ‘Equipment’ is optimistic focussing on the concept that all the people are blessed with the same blessings by Allah Almighty. They have all the equipment that is necessary to spice up the flavor of their life with success and triumph. Basically, it is a piece of advice that the poet is giving to his son in particular and to all the readers in general. If one uses all the equipment (blessings) in his life constructively then there is no question of failure or loss in his life. People themselves are responsible for their fate according to the blessings, abilities, and capabilities they are using either in a positive fashion or in a negative way.

Q.5) “All human beings are created equal”. Explain this statement in light of the poem “Equipment.”

It is absolutely correct that all human beings are created equal by Allah Almighty. We all are blessed with not only our physical features (eyes, nose, arms, legs, brain, etc) but with our spiritual well-being and intellectual abilities as well. Allah has given everything to almost everyone except the few handicapped ones who are blind, deaf and dumb. According to the poet, his son like every other human being has all the blessings, abilities and talents, it is in his hands how to make effective use of them at an appropriate time to gain success.

Q.6) How do you feel after reading the poem?

After reading the poem, I feel quite optimistic about my life. This poem awoke my sense of thankfulness to Allah Almighty for giving me uncountable blessings that if I use them effectively then I would be able to meet my destiny and achieve success. Now, I feel more confident in my in-built talent and God gifted abilities which for sure I would be utilizing at the maximum to lead a successful life.


A. Paraphrase the first and last stanza of the poem ‘Equipment’.

Paraphrase of First Stanza:
My son, you are born with all the equipment or in other words blessings in the form of two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes, and a brain that all the genius or wise men are born with. It is totally up to you how you are going to make effective use of them. It just depends on your own self that how you find the solutions to the problems that may come in your life. All the wise men of this world have started their journey with all these equipment that you have. Therefore, you must start your journey of life by saying “I can.”

Paraphrase of Last Stanza:
Courage is something that resides within the soul of an individual. It depends upon the will of a person that how he uses his courage to win. My son, you have to figure out the solution to your problems yourself as you were born with all the equipment (qualities) that the other great personalities of the world were born with. They all began their journey with the equipment just like you, now it is your turn to muster up the courage and start your journey just by saying “I can.”

B. Write in your own words the message of the poem ‘Equipment’ and tell how effective the message of the poem is.    

The message of the poem is very strong and optimistic as well. Actually, Edgar Guest wants to give a piece of advice to his son that he must consider himself a fortunate being as he has all the equipment that is necessary to lead a successful life. It just depends upon his courage, will-power, and self-control that how he by using them effectively can achieve success in life just like other renowned and successful personalities of the world. On the other hand, if he is unable to utilize the equipment then it is his fault or shortcoming and he should consider himself responsible for his failure or loss.

The message of the poem is quite effective in creating awareness and the sense of thankfulness towards Allah Almighty in the minds of the readers that they should try to make full use of the blessings that their Creator has given them. After reading the lines of the poem, the readers must develop courage and start thinking positively about the blessings they have and the abilities, skills, and talents they were born with. They would be able to trust their ownself and must work to achieve success in life.

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