The role of the judiciary became the focus of debate when, a few years ago, several of the country’s top leaders and bureaucrats were arrested and faced trials in various courts across the country on various charges involving large sums of public money.

The money was included. Each country is protected on three main pillars that sustain it. Political leadership, executive machinery and judicial system. Each of these three systems is not only complementary to the other two but also a kind of square watch to ensure that the other two systems do not go astray.

However, the judiciary is in a higher position because it is almost independent of the control of the other two systems. According to the sacred constitution of this country, the judiciary has been given wide powers. The founding fathers of the Constitution have sought to give the judiciary full autonomy so that the process of obtaining justice is free and fair.

Ever since India became independent in 1947, the system of judicial control has been running very satisfactorily. It is true that there may be delays in this country but it is never denied. Whenever he realizes that he is being deprived of his rights as an Indian citizen, everyone is free to go to court. Arrangements have been made to provide legal assistance to individuals who are underpaid in terms of compensation and fees to lawyers, thus bringing justice to everyone else.

It is once observed that some undesirable elements try to misuse the legal process to solidify justice or delay the process in such a way that delay in justice is tantamount to denial of justice. Certainly the country’s judicial system is concerned with the treatment of such conditions, but in many cases patients are not even aware of these treatments.

The role of the judiciary was brought to the fore when numerous cases and scams involving VIPs and VVIPs were brought to light by the CBI or through some public interest litigation.

Some shocking or political positions have pocketed tens of thousands of crores of rupees to deceive the people. The key revelations in these scams include reference scam, fodder scam, sugar scam, telecom scandal, JMM pay scandal, housing scam, banking and allegations of corruption and irregularities against top leaders. Of the country.

Although some of these leaders have managed to prove their innocence, the majority are fighting a legal battle against the wall. Some of the accused have been jailed. While some of them managed to get released on bail, others could not. Some leaders had to resign from the top positions they held to prove their innocence. Others had to resign under intense public pressure. The whole country shook with bones.

All this has proved that none of the country’s top leaders can be surpassed in doubt. In such a situation, a large, powerful lobby is likely to work towards suppressing the process of natural justice or discrediting the judiciary or judicial process.

It is feared that some vested interests may be able to subvert the judiciary in some subtle way. Some people have already started using terms such as “judicial activity” and “judicial language” to give a false impression that the judicial system would prove to be the country’s worst suicide.

Despite numerous obstacles, the judiciary continues to play its role to the best of its ability. Numerous corrupt leaders, politicians and officials are brought before the court on various charges.

The judiciary is the only hope of the country. There is no doubt that politicians and bureaucrats have failed in their duty to give this country an accountable, clean, honest government to the people. It is the only judiciary that can assert itself and turn the whip into a cocoon without any fear or support. The law of the land must prevail.

This is possible only when the judiciary is strengthened. Prompt and effective administration of justice must be ensured for everyone. India survives only when its judicial system survives. If its judicial system is stopped, India will die. No power, however, should be allowed to disturb the judicial process. Free and fair justice is the soul of this country.

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