Unit 03 Poem Dreams Langston Hughes

Unit 03 Poem Dreams Langston Hughes

Unit 03 Poem  Dreams Langston Hughes
Unit 03 Poem Dreams Langston Hughes

A. Answer the following questions.

Unit 03 Poem Dreams Langston Hughes

Q1. What is the theme of the poem?

Answer:  The theme of the poem “Dreams” is the importance of holding onto dreams in life. Dreams are essential for dynamic life. Life without ambitions and dreams is hopeless.

Q2. How important do you think dreams are? Explain.

Answer:  I think dreams are very important for a hopeful and successful life. The dream is a source of hope and pleasure which enables us to obtain success. Dreams give us the courage to bear the hardships of life.

Q3. Identify an example of a word or phrase that is repeated in the poem and explain why the poet makes this repetition.

Answer:  The poet repeats the word/ phrase “Dream” and “if dream die” because he wanted to emphasize the importance of dreams in human’s life.

Q4. Identify an example of personification. Explain what is being personified and how?

Answer:  personification: when a poet gives human qualities to non-human things that is called personification. This figurative device has been used in the poem “Dreams”. The poet has Personified life to a broken-winged bird that cannot fly without dreams.

Q5. Identify lines containing metaphors. What ideas are being conveyed by these?

Answer:  The third line of 1st stanza “Life is a broken-winged bird” and the third line of 2nd stanza “Life is a barren field” containing metaphors. These metaphors conveyed the ideas that life is useless and hopeless without dreams.

Q6. List the alliterative words from the poem “Dreams”?

Answer:  Alliteration: when all the words of a line or a sentence start with the same letter. This is called alliteration. In this poem “Dreams Die” is alliterative words

Q7: How is the imagery used in this poem?

Answer:  The poet has beautifully used the figurative device of imagery in this poem. He uses words like “broken-winged bird” “barren field” and “field frozen with snow” to make images in the mind of readers.

Q8. What is the mood of this poem? How does it make you feel?

Answer:  The mood of this poem is sad. However, the poet encourages the readers to hold fast to their wishes, desires, and goals because without Dreams life is dull and bleak.

B. Write the correct option in the following statement.

  • (d) stick fast to your ambition in life.
  • (a) Metaphors
  • (b)Metaphors
  • (a)Hollow and bleak
  • (d) Life will be hopeless


Transitive and intransitive verbs
A. Do as directed

  1. (c) I watched a movie.
  2. (d) She laughed heartily.
  3. (c)The birds are flying.
  4. (b)The customer is buying pancakes.
  5. (d) Asma shouted in the class.
  6. (a)The student is answering questions.

A. Write the verb in parenthesis in the correct form (present or past participle)

  1. Prepared
  2. Studying
  3. Lying
  4. Shocked
  5. Leaving
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