Class 12 English Notes Chapter 4 End of Term

Class 12 English Notes Chapter 4 End of Term Punjab all boards Grade 12 FSc Pre Engineering include solved exercises, review questions, MCQs, and chapter overview.

Class 12 English Notes Chapter 4 End of Term

What did he do with his pocket money?

Class 12 English Notes Chapter 4 End of Term

The writer used to get a few pence per week as his pocket money. He used to save it in a money box and did not spend it on himself. His siblings used to do the same. Apparently, he belonged to a very humble background so he and his siblings could not afford the luxury of having money to spend on themselves.

Wishes don’t come true in this life, writes Daiches. What are the things he longed for but could not have?

According to the writer, wishes don’t come true in this life. He longed for many things that his parents could not afford. In his early childhood, he desperately wanted to have a tricycle. As he grew up, he wished to have a bicycle, which he was able to buy only after receiving the prize money that he had won at Edinburgh University. As a kid, he used to stand by the sweets or ice cream shops gazing at all these delicacies empty-handed.

How did he spend his summer holidays?

The writer enjoyed summer holidays by walking across the meadows in the month of July, wearing his summer school clothes: a grey shirt, grey shorts, and Weston’s blazer. Therefore, summer holidays were a source of profound happiness to the writer. He looked forward to them eagerly.

He liked holidays for their freedom – freedom from what?

The writer liked holidays because they gave him freedom from tiresome homework. He disliked the dull routine of school. Although he enjoyed classwork, the monotony of school life did not suit his temperament. Therefore, holidays were a source of coveted freedom for him: freedom from anxiety and strict discipline.

What was his general view of school life?

Although he often enjoyed classroom work at school but he did not like school because of its rigorous discipline and the feeling of anxiety that the fierce competition rose in him. He felt that it was impossible to relax and his routine-life as a schoolboy was tiresome. Moreover, he did not like waking up early in the morning for school. The funereal voice of his maid who used to wake him up haunted him.

What was the Daiches’ attitude towards the weekend as a schoolboy? Why did he long for it?

The writer longed passionately for the weekend when he was a schoolboy. Although he was a good student and enjoyed classroom work, the homework load and observance of strict timings were too much for him. He looked forward to Friday as a gala day in his life because it enabled him to relax and have extra sleep in the morning.

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