Class 12 English notes Lesson 1 to 20 for KPK

Class 12 English notes Lesson 1 to 20 question answer for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa textbook board Peshawar English book notes. Class 12 | second Year | 2nd year English notes according to KPK syllabus.

Class 12 English notes Lesson 1 to 20

Lesson No 01 the farewell sermon question answers 2nd year

2nd year English notes Chapter No 1 The Farewell Sermon Khyber Pakhtunkhwa textbook board Peshawar class 12 English notes.

  • study Question
  • 10 Question and Answer
  • Writing Skills 04 Question
  • Language Study Exercise 1 Answer
  • Extending
  • Name the part of speech of each italicised word in the following sentences, giving in each case your reason for the classification
  • Point out Nouns in the following sentences and say whether they are Common, Proper, Collective or Abstract:
  • Language Study Exercise 2

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Lesson No 02 lesson no 02 jinnahs vision of pakistan pdf

  • Study Questions Recalling 11 Question
  • Extending
  • Having read Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan, and the list of fundamental principles that you made in answer to question 10 above, say:
  • Do we have the Pakistan that Jinnah wanted? Why ‘yes’ or why ‘not’?
  • Where did we go astray as regards to achieving the Pakistan that Jinnah wanted for us?
  • Writing Skills Write an essay on “The Great Leader, M.A Jinnah”.
  • What should we do to make Pakistan a stable and prosperous country?
  • Pakistan – Our Beloved Nation

Lesson No 03 the blades of grass question answers

  • Study Questions 2 question
  • stanza
  • Writing Now that you have understood the poem, write a paraphrase/explanation of the poem in your own words.
  • Language Study Exercise 1
  • Point out the Noun Clauses in the following sentences:
  • Write down a dozen Complex sentences, each containing a Noun Clause. Make the Noun Clause a subject in the first three, an object in the next three, and in apposition to a Noun or Pronoun in the next three. Use the Noun Clause predicatively in the last three.
  • Noun Clause as subject
  • Noun Clause as object
  • Noun Clause as Apposition to a Noun or Pronoun
  • Language Study Exercise 4
  • Point out the noun clause and say whether it is the object of some verb or the Complement of some verb, or in apposition to some noun or pronoun, or the object of some preposition

Lesson No 04 martin Luther king i have a dream speech

  • Study Questions Recalling 6 Question
  • Interpreting
  • Extending
  • Write an essay examining King’s position in the light of today’s events.
  • Writing The student will be asked to write an essay on the achievements and efforts of the great African – American Leader, Martin Luther King.
  • Martin Luther King

Lesson No 05 Glory and Hope

  • Study Questions Recalling 11 question
  • Writing The students will be directed to pen down their views about Nelson Mandela.
  • Freedom is a gift of God” write your ideas about the blessing of freedom.
  • Answer

Lesson No 06 I Dream a World

  • 11 Study Questions Recalling
  • Who are the people Nelson Mandela is addressing and what is the occasion?
  • What figurative language does Nelson Mandela use to communicate his profound feelings of patriotism and a sense of belonging to his homeland?
  • What was the situation like in South Africa before this very celebration of liberty and glory that Nelson Mandela is speaking about?
  • What emancipation and liberation is Nelson Mandela speaking about?
  • What does Nelson Mandela mean by South Africa being once the “skunk of the world”?
  • Interpreting
  • Considering that South Africa was once “the skunk of the world’” why does Nelson Mandela give his speech the title “Glory and Hope”? The glory of what and hope for what?
  • Extending
  • Writing
  • The students will be directed to pen down their views about Nelson Mandela.
  • Freedom is a gift of God” write your ideas about the blessing of freedom.

Lesson No 07 The Battle of Uhud

  • Question and answer
  • Do you think such a world is possible? If not, why not?
  • Now that you have understood the poem, write a paraphrase/explanation of the poem in your own words.
  • stanza
  • Incidentally, all three writers in this unit, Dr King, Nelson Mandela, Langston Hughes, are Black. And you must have noted that they have used very forceful language to communicate their message to the people. Write an essay about the circumstances that led them to be so passionate, so vocal and so forceful? Who do you think is more forceful and why? You will need to do some research to answer this question. Internet is a great source of such information.
  • writing skills

Lesson No 08 Lingkuan Gorge

  • Study question
  • What are the narrator’s job and the purpose of his journey? What physical condition persuades him to rest for a few hours?
  • How old is Cheng-yu? How does he respond when the narrator asks, “Why isn’t anybody home?”
  • What work do Cheng-yu’s parents do? What “job” has Cheng-yu been assigned, and what explanation does he give for refusing the narrator’s advice to go to sleep?
  • What does the narrator do in the final paragraph? What does he realize is waiting for him?
  • What sort of child is Cheng-yu? What attitude does he display towards his parents and his responsibilities?
  • Extending
  • Written Skills
  • The students will be assigned the task of writing the character of Cheng-Yu.

Lesson No 09 if

  • Understanding the Poem
  • Language Study
  • Write five sets of conditional sentences of your own with all the three conditionals.
  • Composition
  • Stanza 
  • Use the following chart to record your statement of the meaning of Poem your observations about the techniques of the poem. Each column deals with one of the poetic techniques.

Lesson No 10 Determination

  • Study Questions What two cities John Roebling thought of connecting through the bridge?
  • Interpreting
  • Interpreting
  • Writing Skills
  • The students will be asked to write the ” summary of the lesson ” Determination.”
  • Write a paragraph to illustrate the moral ” Labour and determination conquer all.”
  • Exercise 1
  • Pick out all the Adjectives in the following sentences, and say to which class each of them belongs:

Lesson No 11 The Man who Planted Trees

  • Study Questions
  • What does Jean Giono say about his long trip on foot over mountain heights?
  • Interpreting
  • Extending
  • Summary
  • Stanza
  • Excersie
  • Writing Skills Write an essay on the advantage of wood.
  • Language Study Exercise 1 to 5

Lesson No 12 It Couldn’t Be Done

  • It Couldn’t Be Done Chapter No 12
  • Now that you have understood the poem, write a paraphrase/ explanation of it in your own words.
  • Stanza 01 to 06
  • Writing
  • Q 3. Have you ever accomplished something that other people considered impossible or difficult and tried to dissuade you from doing it?

Lesson No 14 Gender Inequality Detrimental Society

  • What is the ratio between the male and female population in the world?
  • Do women in the poor and developing countries enjoy equal rights?
  • Why are women deprived of their due rights in our society?
  • Who considers women as ‘Fragile human beings”?
  • What is the status of women in Islam?
  • Describe the hurdles and hardships faced by women in Pakistan?
  • Why do parents in most of the rural areas not send their daughters to schools?
  • What has been said about the importance of education for a woman?

Lesson 15 The School Boy

  • Study Questions
  • This poem is structured as follows
  • Identify one-word metaphors for “youth”, “freedom”, and “instruction” in the poem.
  • Language Study
  • Make a list of all the adjectives used in the poem. Which nouns do they qualify?
  • Stanza 01 to 06
  • Exercise 1 to 6

Lesson 16 Archaeological Treasures of Pakistan

  • What are the most important archaeological sites of Pakistan? What light do they throw on the antiquity in this part of the world?
  • What is the importance of Taxila as an archaeological site?
  • What is one of the most important aspects of the discovery of Mohenjo-Daro?
  • Where is Bhanbore? What is its archaeological interest?
  • Discuss the importance of the archaeological treasures that belong to the Moghul period.
  • Writing Assignment
  • Anticlimax
  • Answer

Lesson 17 The Renaissance

  • Which civilization provided the inspiration for change?
  • When new ideas were discussed, what was challenged?
  • What was the basis for the success of Florence?
  • Give some examples of why you think traders needed to be resourceful and creative.
  • Why did artists flourish in Florence?
  • What stirred people’s interest in the world beyond their own lands?
  • How did humanism begin in Europe and what was its impact on art and architecture?
  • What made the world open up for the people of Florence?

Lesson 18 Once Upon a Time

  • 2nd year English notes | Once Upon a Time Chapter No 18 for KPK board
  • This poem is a beautiful comparison of what used to be like in the old days and what it is like now. The title clearly indicates that it is about the past.
  • Writing
  • essay
  • stanza
  • exercise
  • short and long question for kpk board
  • Exercise 1 to 06 Kyber Pakhtunkhwa board of education English notes for class 12

Lesson 19 The Merchant of Venice

  • lesson no 10 the marchant of venice english notes for class 12 pdf
  • Q 1. Who was Shylock and where did he live?
  • Q 2. Who was Anthonio? Why did he hate Shylock?
  • Q 3. How did Anthonio help the needy in Venice?
  • Who was Bassanio and why did he need money?
  • Question 1 to 13

Lesson 20 King Lear

KPK G 12 English Notes Chapter 20 King Lear
KPK G 12 English Notes Chapter 20 King Lear
  • How many daughters king Lear had. What were their names?
  • 12th class English notes lesson 20 the king lear
  • What did the old king decide to do before his death?
  • How did the king test the love and loyalty of his daughters?
  • How did Goneril and Regan treat that old king, their father?
  • Interpreting
  • How should old parents be treated specially in their old age?

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