Choice of Career English Notes Class 11 Chapter 7 for kpk 2021

Choice of Career Chapter7 English Notes Class 11 2021 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa textbook board, Sindh textbook board, Punjab textbook board and fbise class 11 English notes.

English Notes Class 11 Chapter 7 for kpk 2021

What is the dominant theme of the letter?

The dominant theme of the letter is about career choice and the steps that must be taken into consideration while selecting a career. The necessary steps for career selection include self-assessment, one’s likes and dislikes, interests, motives, and goals and knowledge and skills that are required for the chosen career.

Why doesn’t the career expert mention any specific profession as a career?

Basically the selection of a career is not as easy and simple as most of us perceive it. It is something very special that is based on personal preferences, likes and dislikes, interests and goals, knowledge and education, skills and training and so on and so forth. The career expert doesn’t mention any specific profession as it is and must be a person’s own decision keeping in view its pros and cons. Instead of mentioning any specific career, the career expert has given valuable suggestions and steps that if taken into consideration, are really helpful in career selection.

Q.3) Why is the decision of choice of career considered the toughest? Give examples from the text of the letter.

The decision of choice of career is considered the toughest due to a number of reasons. At the first place, selecting the right career is not an easy task. At times it happens that the career for which we spend too much of our time and energy ends up by giving us displeasure if it doesn’t meet our expectations either with respect to earning money or mental satisfaction.

Career selection is something that is beyond personal preferences. The person should consider other aspects important as well such as self-assessment, likes and dislikes, current demand for the field, qualifications required to enter the field, any additional education or training required or not, its effect on him and others, etc. Hence, the long list of prerequisites for making a decision of career selection makes it one of the difficult decisions to be taken by someone in his life.

Q.4) What is self-assessment? How far is it helpful in the choice of career?

Self-assessment holds a vital place in career selection. It means that the person should be well-aware about himself. He should know about his likes and dislikes, the skills he has, the things he enjoys doing and the things he considers important for his work and life. If a person assesses himself critically and thoroughly, then this paves a way to a great job for him. Hobbies and leisure activities too, count in the process of self-assessment that must not be ignored as this can give you great insight into future career paths.

Q.5) Summarize the text of the lesson and extract the main points of the process of career choice. Now transfer the salient points of the process of career choice into flow charts and critically analyze the process. 11th class english notes.

This letter is written to help everyone in their choice of career, it focuses on specific steps that if followed rightly will help in selection of career. Choice of career is a tough decision so it should be taken on your own. Self-assessment and retrospection should be the first and the foremost step to be taken in this regard. After that, one should know his likes and dislikes, interests, and motives. Nothing remains constant so it must be kept in mind that what one likes today may not find it attractive after sometime.

Hence, one must not select a career according to the activities he likes. Then you should search the professions and fields keeping in view your interests, abilities, and capabilities. After selecting the career, one must identify the education, qualification, skills, and knowledge required for that career. Sometimes, additional certificates, diplomas and courses are also required for the selected career. Scope and market demand for that career must not be neglected in this respect.

Family, friends and opinion by the experts or professionals hold a significant place in the selection of career. Finally, whatever decision one makes must be based on the realistic expectations so to avoid any disappointment and frustration in future. If these steps are followed at the right time, after a thorough evaluation, then they really help a person in his career selection.

Flow Chart:

  • Self- Assessment: It is one of the major steps in the process of career selection. With this, a person comes to know about his strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, interests, and motives.
  • Selection of Fields and Professions: Keeping in view, the result of self-assessment one should look for the right fields and professions accordingly.
  • Identification of the required education, qualification, and skills: One should get an education in a particular field that will help him in pursuing his career in future. If a person receives the appropriate education or qualification, only then he will be able to get a job in the selected field.
  • Scope or Market Demand: It is an important step with respect to career selection. One should know about the prospects of the education or qualification received, so to get adjusted in the chosen occupation. If one receives an education that is not according to market demand, then he has to face disappointment in finding a job as there is no vacancy that caters the qualification or certification he has received.
  • Advice from Family, Friends and Experts: If one gets advice from his family, friends, and experts, he is in a much better position to select the career that really works for him in future life.
  • Realistic Expectations: One must not daydream with respect to the choice of the career rather career selection must be made and action plans should be created based on realistic expectations to avoid any frustration.

Q.6) Evaluate the steps of choice of career and tell how effective or otherwise that are for your choice of career.

The steps that have been discussed in this letter are quite helpful and effective in anyone’s choice of career. Self-assessment, identification of likes and dislikes, retrospection, interests, and motives are some of the major steps that must be taken very carefully before career selection. Once you are clear about your own positives, it will be easier for you to opt for any career. Apart from these steps, qualification, experience, required skills, and knowledge also play a vital role in the choice of career. If these steps are followed at the right time, one can get a better chance to select the most appropriate career that will be beneficial for him in future.


Write a letter to a company manager for the post of an accountant.

Examination Hall,
28 Sep. 2020

Mr. Salman
Company Manager
Colista Impex
256 – The Mall

Respected Sir,
With reference to your advertisement for the post of an accountant appeared in Daily Dawn, on Sunday 26 September 2020, I am writing to apply for the post.
I have done my Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Accounting and Finance from one of the renowned universities of the city. I also hold a Diploma in Cost Account from the same institution. I have performed the job of an assistant accountant at the textile mill. During my job tenure of one and a half years at the mill, I hold complete command over QuickBooks and Tally. ERP 9.
I am a very enthusiastic and hardworking person. I have excellent communication skills and always ready to face any target set by your well-known company. Being a young, energetic being, I am eager to add knowledge with experience.
I enclose a copy of my CV, for your reference. I shall be much thankful to you if you grant me an interview call at your convenient time. I am looking forward to joining your esteemed company at the earliest.
Yours Sincerely,
——— (Signature)
X.Y.Z. (Name)

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