Sindh Class 9th English Notes Chapter 7 Life Skills

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Life Skills Sindh Class 9th English Notes Chapter 7

Q.1) Did the king find his answers?

Yes, the king found his answers.

Q.2) Who gave him the answers?

The wise saint who lived in the jungle all alone gave him the answers.

Guess the meanings of these words and check the meanings in the glossary.

discover                   evaded               disappointed            consult                    pondered
destitute                  frequently         determined               glanced                   straight away
hospitality               break of day      bitter                         grief                       count on me 
WordsGuessed MeaningMeaning from the Glossary
discoverexplorefind out
evadedavoiddid not come within reach
consultto take advice from someonego to someone for advice
ponderedthinking about somethingthink carefully for a long time before deciding
destitutepoorvery poor
frequentlyoftenvery often
determinedpassionatenot changing a decision once made
glancedto look at something hurriedly gave a quick look
straightawaywithout delayimmediately
hospitalityfriendly and generous attitude especially towards gueststreating guests in a generous and welcoming manner 
break of daydawndawn
bitterharshfeeling great dislike
griefsadnessdeep sadness
count on meto depend on someonedepend on
departedsomeone who has diedleft

Use the following words in your own sentences. (any ten)

discover                   evaded            disappointed       consult               pondered
destitute                  frequently       determined         glanced              straight away
hospitality               break of day    bitter                   grief                   count on me 

discoverThe police are trying to discover the identity of the murderer.
disappointedThe decision of his parents left him very disappointed.
consultIf the pain persists, one should consult a doctor.
destituteThe recent floods in Pakistan left many people destitute
frequentlyMy sister frequently exhibits at the art gallery.
determinedGhulam Ali is a very determined man.
hospitalityWe will always remember his generous hospitality.
griefMy heart has been filled with grief on my grandmother’s death.
bitterA good medicine tastes bitter.
departedWe departed for Lahore at 10 am.

Reading Comprehension Exercise 5

The following are statements about the story ‘the Secret of Success’. Read them and write (T) if the statement is true and (F) if the statement is false, the the blanks provided.
a. The King wanted to find answers to 5 questions.
b. The answers were important for him to be able to control his army.
c. The king was looking for the answers in order to succeed in life.
d. The king was happy with the answers that the group of learned men found.
e. The saint was living in the jungle with his family.
f. The king accepted the saint’s invitation to visit him in the jungle.
g. The bearded man wanted to kill the king.
h. The bearded man had been injured by the king’s servants.
i. The saint asked the king to look after the bearded man.
j. The bearded man became the king’s loyal citizen. 

a. The King wanted to find answers to 5 questions.              F
The answers were important for him to be able to control his army.           F
The king was looking for the answers in order to succeed in life.               T
The king was happy with the answers that the group of learned men found.     F
The saint was living in the jungle with his family.         F
The king accepted the saint’s invitation to visit him in the jungle.            F
The bearded man wanted to kill the king.               T
The bearded man had been injured by the king’s servants.             T
The saint asked the king to look after the bearded man.           F
The bearded man became the king’s loyal citizen.            T

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Reading Comprehension Exercise 7

Read the text and complete the following sentences.
a. The king wanted to find the answers to the three questions because ……….
b. The wise and learned men were unable to give the answers because …………
c. The king dressed in rags to meet the saint because ……….
d. the king told his servants not to go with him because …………
e. The king realized the saint’s tired easily because ……….
f. Although the saint did not answer his questions the king waited because ………..
g. The bearded man was running towards the king because ………
h. The bearded man fainted when he reached the king because ……….
i. The king agreed to stay the night in the saint’s hut because ……….
j. The bearded man became the king’s loyal servant because ………

a. The king wanted to find the answers to the three questions because he wanted to find the secret of success.
b. The wise and learned men were unable to give the answers because they could not see eye to eye with each other and ended up arguing amongst themselves.
c. The king dressed in rags to meet the saint because the saint did not like meeting wealthy people.
d. The king told his servants not to go with him because he wanted to appear poor and destitute.
e. The king realized the saint’s tired easily because he was old and weak.
f. Although the saint did not answer his questions the king waited because he was hopeful that he would find the answers to his questions. 
g. The bearded man was running towards the king because he wanted to kill the king. 
h. The bearded man fainted when he reached the king because he was badly wounded by the king’s servants. 
i. The king agreed to stay the night in the saint’s hut because he was too tired to return.
j. The bearded man became the king’s loyal servant because if the king had not cared for him, he would have died.

Language Practice Exercise 1

Translate the following sentences into Urdu/Sindhi.
1. The train left the station at 7 o’clock.
2. I can train you to become a good cricketer.
3. There is plenty of light in this room.
4. Please, light all the candles on the cake.
5. Jamal offered to book our seats on the bus.
6. Have you seen my new book?
7. The principal asked the students to state their reasons for being late.
8. The state should ensure that all people follow the rules.
9. This is exactly my point that we should leave early.
10. Don’t point at people when you are speaking about them.
11. My brother got the first rank in his final tests.
12. The rank of a soldier depends on many factors.

1. ریل گاڑی 7 بجے اسٹیشن سے نکلی۔2. میں آپ کو ایک اچھا کرکٹر بننے کی تربیت دے سکتا ہوں۔3۔ اس کمرے میں روشنی کی کافی مقدار ہے۔4. براہ کرم کیک پر تمام موم بتیاں روشن کریں۔5. جمال نے بس میں ہماری  سیٹیں بک کروانے کی پیش کش کی۔6. کیا آپ نے میری نئی کتاب دیکھی ہے؟7. پرنسپل نے طلبہ سے کہا کہ وہ دیر سےآنے کی وجوہ بیان کریں۔8۔ ریاست کو یقینی بنانا چاہئے کہ تمام لوگ قواعد پر عمل کریں۔9. یہ میری بات کے عین مطابق ہے کہ ہمیں جلدی نکلنا چاہئے۔10. جب آپ لوگوں کے بارے میں بات کر رہے ہو تو ان کی طرف اشارہ نہ کریں۔11۔ میرے بھائی نے اپنے حتمی ٹیسٹوں میں پہلا درجہ حاصل کیا۔12. ایک فوجی کا درجہ بہت سے عوامل پر منحصر ہے

Language Practice Exercise 2

Translate the following sentences into Urdu/Sindhi, such that you bring out their real meaning.
1. The sun peaked happily from behind the clouds.
2. The trees danced back and forth in the wind.
3. It was time to go home but the bell refused to ring.
4. The angry sky roared and threw lightening around.
5. The delicious smell of pudding pulled me to the kitchen.
6. I can see that news travels quickly.
7. I wish you weren’t always such a chicken.
8. The kids at that school are all brains.
9. You are my guardian angel.
10. I’ve been on cloud nine all day.


۔1. ناراضگی کے بہت دنوں بعد اس کا موڈ خوشگوار ہوا۔2. تیز ہوا کے باعث درخت بھرپور حرکت میں تھے۔3۔ گھر جانے کا وقت آ گیا تھا مگر اس سے کچھ خاص شناسا نہ ہو سکا۔4 وہ بہت غصے میں تھا اور وہ چیخے چلانے لگا۔5۔ میں بہت ذیادہ بھوکا تھا اس لۓ میں نے باورچی خانے کا رخ کیا۔6. مجھے یقین تھا کہ یہ خبر جلدی پھیل جاۓ گی۔7. میری خواہش ہے کہ تم کبھی بھی اتنے ڈرپوک نہ ہوتے۔8۔ اس سکول کے تمام طلباء ذہین نہیں ہیں۔9. آپ میرے محافظ ہیں ۔10. میں سارا دن بہت خوش رہی۔

Writing Exercise 1

Write a compare and contrast essay on an one of the following topics:
Reading story books and reading course books
What happens when a school has a good principal or a bad one

Reading Story Books and Reading Course Books
Books are one of the best companions of mankind throughout history and will remain the same till the end of this world due to its literary effect on the mind of the people. Reading books can not only help the individual to improve grammar, vocabulary, ability to focus, concentration, social and communication skills but also takes the reader into another world of imagination and fascination where he meet various characters, learn the hidden truths of scientific inventions, gain insight into the world of animal species and so on and so forth. 

Stories are one of the oldest form of entertainment for children and adults. In the past, stories were told by grandparents and storytellers, as the time passes story books become popular among the masses. Reading story books must be started at an early age as this plays a vital role in the growth and development of the reader. The books people read and the characters they get to know just become their friends. One of the biggest charm of reading story books is that they are written in an interesting way by using pictures and illustrations that grab reader’s attention. Story books can be fictional or non-fictional whatever the case maybe, they are helpful for the reader to develop their own life experience and it shows them how diverse the world is and that some peoples’ lives are vastly different to theirs. Reading story books has another benefit that if read at bedtime, allows reader to forget the stresses and strains of the day and indulge in fantasy for a while. Reading story books help to develop a new sense of imagination by introducing new ideas into their world, ideas about fantastical worlds, other planets, different points in time and unique characters. The beauty of reading story books is that they can be super realistic or incredibly fantastical. It has been observed that people usually like reading story books once they have developed love for that. 

Reading course books, on the other hand, cast influence on the minds of the reader in another way. It is a fact that course books require extra efforts to be liked by pupil as they are usually been read to pass exams, against the purpose of entertainment or fun. They are usually written in a plain, hard, and complex language that does not arouse much interest in the readers. Pupils have to read course books as it is compulsory for them otherwise they would not be able to move to another grade. Apart from this, course books do offer certain benefits to the readers, for instance, while reading course books one can achieve greater tranquility, improved analytical thinking, increased vocabulary, improved memory, improved writing skills, and helps prioritize goals.

In the nutshell, one can say that there is a sharp contrast between reading story books and course books, but one cannot deny the fact that both of them are essential for the cognitive and mental development of the readers. On one side, reading story books transport the reader to another level of fascination and imagination. They evoke interest and excitement among the readers through their unique writing style and interesting plots. In comparison, reading course books is important as this help to increase memory and improve analytical thinking. They provide exact facts and figures and factual information to the pupil about the world they are living in, with respect to scientific discoveries, solving mathematical calculations, historical events, etc. Hence, one cannot overshadow the significance of other in terms of learning, cognitive and personality development.

What Happens when a School has a Good Principal or a Bad One
School holds an important place in the life of an individual. One can have wonderful experience at school whereas other have difficult times, this all depends on various factors. Among all, one of the major one is the head or principal of the school. He/she is the one who is responsible for taking care of all the activities related to administration, management, education and teachers’ training. Huge differences can be seen if a school is being run by a good principal and the one by a bad one. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Principal is the head of the organization, therefore he/she must possess certain qualities and abilities that makes him the perfect one to shoulder the responsibility of educating young generation as well as training the educators in the best possible way. If a school is fortunate to have  a good principal, then it runs on smooth grounds. The school with a good principal owns a good administrative system, where equal opportunities are provided to all, extra curricular activities are of much importance, weak students are motivated, and teachers are being trained regarding latest teaching methodologies. A school with a good principal give utmost importance to punctuality and discipline. A good principal is usually a long-term planner who can visualize and foresee the future prospects of the school and then plan accordingly. He/she arranges educational trips for the learning of the students. A school having a good principal is the best example of cleanliness and discipline. 

In comparison to a school with a good principal, a school with a bad principal creates unhealthy environment at the school premises. It is difficult for the staff to spend the time of 7 hours at that school and hence, they cannot give their best under harsh circumstances. A bad principal maybe arrogant, aggressive, uncaring, and inattentive to the needs of his administrative and teaching staff. Due to this fact, the school is likely to lose best and trained teachers on and off. Change in teachers cast negative impact on the mind and studies of the students as they take a lot of time to get adjusted to the new teacher and his/her teaching style and methodologies. Ultimately this change is reflected by the poor grades and low performance of the students. The characteristics of a bad principal obstruct the development of support among teachers, parents, and community. Finally, not only the school often faces teachers turn down but the strength of students also reduce due to unhealthy school environment and poor administration of a bad principal. This also lead to create a bad name for the school among the masses. 

On the whole, a good principal is gentle, kind, caring, and cooperative towards his teaching and administrative staff. The principal’s attitude and behaviour help teachers work in a healthy, positive and tension-free environment. The school with a good principal excel by leaps and bounds and maintain a good status in the community as well. Bad principal is aggressive, non-cooperative and harsh in his behaviour. This attitude of his is responsible for teachers turn down and reduced school strength. Once the school gets a bad name just due to a bad principal, people avoid sending their children to such a school and thus, the school never runs on smooth, prospering grounds. 

Writing Exercise 4

Write an informal email to a class fellow on any one of the following.
1. Requesting for help with some school work that you are finding difficult
2. Suggesting that you do something together during your free time

Subject: science project

Dear Sarim,
I am trying really hard to complete science project before hand but I do not have much hope. As you know we have to submit the project on coming Friday, I need your help so I would be able to submit it on time. You know my elder brother has also returned to his hostel otherwise he would be a great help to me. I have collected all the details and related stuff that is required for the project. We can work at my home or yours as per your convenience. I am hoping to receive a positive reply from you soon.

Abdul Shakoor

Subject: free time activity

Dear all,
As you know our winter break is approaching, that’s why I want to put forward a suggestion regarding spending some of our free time together during holidays. I think both of you should come to my place for an hour so we will get a chance to chit chat and will learn stitching from my mother as well. You know that she is perfect in the art of stitching clothes. I have talked to her and she has agreed to that. In this way, we will not only spend time together but also learn something constructive that will be helpful throughout our lives. Please let me know if you agree to my proposal.


Study Skills Exercise 2

Find the rhyming words from the poem and fill them in the first two columns in the following table.
Then, think of two other words that rhyme with the words from the poem and write them in the next two columns.

S. No.Rhyming Words from the PoemAdditional Rhyming Words