Federal G11 English Chapter 19 Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan

Federal G11 English Chapter 19 Drug Abuse in Youth of PakistanClass 11 English Notes for FBISE includes solved exercises, questions, MCQs, important questions, grammar, Writing, and chapter overview.

Q.1) What is the central idea of essay ‘Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan?’

The title clearly explains what the essay is all about. The central idea of the essay ‘Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan’ is that the youth is becoming addicted to drugs due to various reasons such as academic pressure, over expectations of parents, communication gap between parents and youth, and easy availability of drugs at educational institutions. The ratio of addicted youth has increased manifolds in the recent years in Pakistan. The excessive use of drug is badly affecting the physical and mental health of the youth making them unable to perform well in their studies. 

Q.2) Analyze the pattern of writing and the order of arranging paragraphs in the essay ‘Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan.’

The pattern of writing that the writer has used in this essay is that of ‘exposition.’ In the introductory paragraph, the topic has been introduced and then the essay goes on. This essay is argumentative in nature as the writer introduces the topic and then give arguments and evidences to support his viewpoint. At the end, he furnishes the essay by giving suggestions and conclusion.
The paragraphs are arranged in a systematic manner as for each key idea a separate paragraph has been written. Each paragraph contains examples, reasons, causes, ideas, evidences, and supporting details. Special devices have been used by the writer to connect ideas and sentences with each other.

Q.3) Why are the educated youth resorting to drug abuse? Explain it in five lines.

The educated youth is resorting to drug abuse due to the following major reasons:
1. Academic pressure is one such cause that is taken by the youth when they are under have demands of time and energy in order to meet educational goals.
2. Parents over expectations from their children to perform well in studies and achieve good grades to excel in the chosen field.
3. In order to take relief from the stress of above-mentioned pressures, the educated youth find an easy shelter under the umbrella of drug.
4. Lack of proper counseling has its own place in this dilemma as the youth has no one to guide them in the right direction towards a better future.
5. As the drug is quite easily available at the educational institutions so the youth can get it without any difficulty.

Q.4) Compare and contrast college’s life with that of school’s. Highlight the points of similarities and differences in the light of the essay.

School and college environment do have some points of similarities and differences. When talking about similarities, both the institutions have certain rules and regulations for the students to follow. Students have to meet parents’ expectations and they have to bear academic pressure to achieve good grades. When students step into college, they can feel and experience certain changes in their life. During school life, they have more restrictions either from their teachers or parents with respect to time management, discipline, and participation in extracurricular activities. In contrast to school, college life give students more freedom i.e. freedom from controlled environment, freedom from parent’s guidance, freedom to move, and freedom to choose whatever they want to study etc. 

Q.5) What should be the role of parents in managing the future goals of their children?

Parents should play their active role in managing the future goals of their children because they are the first ones to help their children develop positive self-image and create healthy approaches towards life with confidence and determination. Taking care of their children’s future aims and objectives, parents can help and guide them in the selection of right discipline that will help them in getting appropriate jobs in future. They must not apply pressure on their children that may lead to anxiety and stress problems among them. Rather, they should guide them through proper counseling in setting future goals and must encourage them toward achieving their dreams and goals of life.

Q.6) What role can academia play in control of drug abuse?

Academia can play effective role in controlling the menace of drug abuse. They should shoulder this responsibility sensibly and must take initiatives to eradicate the evil of drug addiction from the lives of the youth. Adequate education must be provided at educational institutions about the consequences of alcohol an drug abuse. Teachers can also play their constructive role in this regard, they should guide and warn their students against the disastrous impact of drug abuse on their physical, mental, social and academic well-being. Apart from this, additional options such as games, sports, individual counseling must be offered at educational institutions under the guidance of trained health education instructor and professional counselors. Ordination weekends and campaigns must be carried out to create awareness among the students regarding the negative impact of drug abuse.

Q.7) How important is healthy relationships between parents and children for the overall development of child?

Parents hold significant place in the life of their children. The better the relationship between parents and children, the better the children’s physical, social, emotional, and metal health can be. Parents are the role model for their children and their activities cast direct influence on the overall development of their children. If the relationship between parents and children is positive and healthy, children feel themselves secure and are able to perform well in every field of life. On the other hand, if there exist communication gap between the two parties, then children find escape from such unhealthy of relationship and they may indulge in negative activities such as drug addiction, theft, robbery, etc.

Q.8) Why should the use of soft drugs be controlled? What are they “gate way” to?

Soft drugs usually include cigarette, chhaliya, gutka, naswar, and pan. Tobacco and such kind of soft drugs should be controlled at the educational institutions because most of the youth take an easy start by using these soft drugs. Later on, the soft drugs serve as a gateway to drug abuse when the youth become addicted to hard drugs such as heroin, opium, cocaine, ice, sheesha, etc.

Q.9) Whom for is the writer using the term ‘this nexus’ in the essay ‘Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan’ and why?

The writer has used the term ‘this nexus’ in the essay ‘Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan’ for the drug dealers who are just a call away and their contact numbers are easily exchanged by the youth of the country at educational institutions. Some elements of law enforcement agencies also provide a strong back to the drug dealers to perform their duties well under the protective shield of them. The drug dealers and the law enforcing agencies have strong bond between them to run the dirty business of drug by making the youth of the country addicted to it.  

Writing Federal G11 English Chapter 19

Summarize the role of parents, educators, government administration an society at large in eradication of drug abuse in the light of the text of the lesson ‘Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan.’

Drug abuse is one of the greatest threats to our society that is making the youth drug addicts. Various reasons are there for the youth to be caught in the web of drug abuse such as academic pressure, parents’ over-expectations, lack of proper counseling and easy availability of drugs at educational institutions. In order to keep our youth away from the dangers of drug abuse, parents, educators, government administration and society has to join hands together. With respect to parent’s role, they should create friendly environment at home and must not put extra pressure on their children that may lead to stress and anxiety.

Rather, they should help and guide them towards their future goals. Teachers, educators, and educational institutions must come forward to fight the evil of drug abuse by arranging conferences and contests, launching awareness campaigns, proper counseling sessions and through extracurricular activities including sports and games that help students feel a sense of relief from the extra burden of studies. Government administration need to look into this affair seriously and immediately. The law enforcement agencies must keep an eye on the activities of drug dealers at educational institutions. Mass media must be used for creating awareness among public with respect to the damaging effects on the social, mental, emotional and physical well-being of individuals. In the nutshell, every segment of the society has to play constructive role in eradiating the menace of drug addiction to have a progressive society.


Using your knowledge of literal and figurative meaning, grammatical gender and syntax, translate the following dialogue from English to Urdu.

Kamal: “Hey, Rubi. How are things?”
Rubi: “Going well, Kamal. What’ve you been up to lately?”
Kamal: “Oh, not much. Work’s been busy. Oh, by the way, did you get a hold of Waqar about that real estate deal we were talking about?”
Rubi: “I haven’t been able to reach him yet. But the decision is really not up to him anyway. Let me know if you still want it. If you don’t, now is the time to back out. If you’re still interested, I’ll tell the real estate agent to go ahead and buy that office building. He’ll follow through with it right away. He should have all the paperwork filled out by Friday.”
Kamal: “I was hoping Waqar could help me figure out a way to afford it. Our business is in the red right now, but we have some good contracts coming up. We should be in the black soon — and that property would be ideal. I’ll try calling Waqar myself. If we can’t come up with a solution, we’ll have to call off the deal and do without the bigger office.”
Rubi: “Well, good luck then. It’s hard to give up a dream! Let me know what you decide.”
Kamal: “I will. Take care!”


“کمال: “ارے، روبی۔ کیا حال ہے؟
“روبی: “وقت اچھا گزر رہا ہے، کمال۔ تم اتنے عرصے کہاں رہے ہو؟
کمال: “اوہ، ذیادہ  نہیں۔ کام میں مصروف رہا۔ اوہ، کیا تم وقار سے اس اراضی کے لین دین کے بارے میں ملی ہو جس کے بارے میں ہم بات کر رہے تھے؟
روبی: “میں اس سے ابھی نہیں مل پائ ہوں۔ لیکن بہرحال فیصلہ اس کے ہاتھ میں نہیں ہے۔ مجھے بتاؤ کہ کیا تم اب بھی اس میں دلچسپی لیتے ہو۔ اگر تم اس میں دلچسپی نہیں لیتے تو اب واپس ہونے کا وقت ہے۔ اگر تم اب بھی خواہش رکھتے ہو، تو میں اراضی کے ایجنٹ سے بات کرونگی کہ وہ معاملہ آگے بڑھاۓ اور وہ آفس بلڈنگ خرید لیں۔۔ وہ ممکن حد تک ہمارے لۓ سب کچھ کرے گا۔ جمعے تک وہ کاغذی کاروائ کر چکے گا۔
کمال: “مجھے امید تھی کہ وقار اس سلسلے میں ہماری مدد کرے گا، ہمارا کاروبار کمزور ہو چکا ہے، لیکن کچھ اچھے معاہدے ہونے والے ہیں ہماری حالت بحال ہو جاۓ گی۔۔۔ اور وہ جائیداد مثالی ہو گی۔ میں خود وقار سے بات کرنے کی کوشش کرونگا۔ اگر ہم کوئ حل نہ نکال پاۓ، تو ہم یہ معاہدہ ختم کردیں گیں اور بڑے آفس کے بغیر گزارہ کر لیں گے
۔”روبی: “اچھا، میں تمہاری کامیابی کے لۓ دعاگو ہو۔ کسی خواب کو چھوڑنا مشکل ہوتا ہے! مجھے اپنے فیصلے سے آگاہ کرنا۔”
کمال: “میں ضرور کرونگا۔ اپنا خیال رکھنا۔”

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