Federal G11 English Chapter 1 Responsibilities of the Youth

Federal G11 English Chapter 1

Federal G11 English Chapter 1 Responsibilities of the Youth
Federal G11 English Chapter 1 Responsibilities of the Youth


Q.1) Why does the Quaid stress on youth to be continuously vigilant?

Quaid stresses on youth to be continuously vigilant because he believes that after getting freedom great responsibility rests on the shoulders of youth. In order to fight against the challenges of within and foreign enemies, the youth must be vigilant and beware all the times. Keeping in view such unfavorable circumstances, the youth need to be more vigilant and alert to overcome the difficulties and to stop our enemies from causing damage to the image of the newly established state of Pakistan.

Q.2) What, according to the Quaid, is the prime responsibility of youth?

According to the Quaid, the prime responsibility of the youth is to pay attention to their studies and to equip themselves with higher education to serve their nation in a much better way. He says that they must have a constructive spirit. Quaid gives the advice to the youth that their main occupation should be fairness to yourselves, your parents and definitely fairness to the State. He says that the youth must prepare themselves for the upcoming battle of life that lies ahead of them. Quaid has a firm belief that youth can only be a source of pride and strength to the nation only if they follow his advice with honesty and sincerity.

Q.3) Having read the text of the Quaid’s speech, what traits of character the Quaid wants to see in the educated youth?

High moral standards, constructive spirit, fairness to self, parents and State, discipline, strong will-power, seriousness, integrity, truthfulness, and unselfishness are the character traits that the Quaid wants to see in the educated youth of the newly established state of Pakistan.

Q.4) What advice does the Quaid give to the youth about the choice of career? 

The Quaid gives advice to the youth regarding the choice of career by saying that they must not run after getting government jobs after completion of their degrees. He tells them clearly that though government service seems quite attractive but most of the government servants live a miserable life. He advices them to divert their attention, aims and goals to other channels, fields and avenues that would provide them more opportunities to excel in life. Furthermore, he says that there is an immense scope in technical education so youth should move towards getting it. He believes that as new industries are setting up, new banks, new insurance companies, and new commercial firms are establishing so if the youth is well-equipped with technical education they would have a wide spectrum of job to choose from. He motivates youth towards doing manual work and labour and tells them that they must not feel ashamed while doing such menial work.

Q.5) Compare and contrast the youth of today with ideal youth of Quaid-e-Azam in his speech.

Today’s youth is quite different from the ideal youth of Quaid-e-Azam. Lack of ethics, low moral values, dishonesty, attitude problem, poor work ethic, more inclination towards fashion trends and excessive use of social media are some of the things that are of great concern with respect to the modern youth of Pakistan. The youth of present times, also take less interest in their studies and show lack of regard for the elderly people. On the other hand, while talking about ideal youth in his speech, the Quaid says that they should be honest, hard working, truthful, fearless, disciplined, and serious in their approach towards education.

Q.6) Having read the text of ‘Responsibilities of Youth’, what, in your view could be the possible role of youth in crisis management of the country?

The youth of any nation is basically its pride and strength only if they are on the right path. The youth can play its constructive role in crisis management, if they are well-educated, well-trained, technically sound, hard working, and sincere. The youth has all the vigour, intellect, courage, and strength that are needed to resolve any issue or to overcome any difficult situation. Being a larger part of the society, they can help nation stand on firm grounds by becoming right hand of government under any crisis situation.  

Q.7) Quaid says “Not only has Pakistan survived the shock of that upheaval then ever.” Which upheaval is he talking about?

In this statement, Quaid is talking about the upheaval of the Punjab and Delhi holocaust. In that holocaust, thousand of people including men, women and even children were butchered mercilessly and millions were forced to leave their ancestral homes thus becoming desperate, homeless souls. They then migrated to the newly established state creating a very difficult situation for Pakistan. The enemy of Pakistan tried its best to weaken it but the newly emerged state of Pakistan successfully survived the shock of this upheaval.

Q.8) Interpret and analyze the following statements from the speech:

a. “beware of the fifth columnist among ourselves.”
b. “guard against and weed out selfish who only wish to exploit you so that they may swim.”
c. “Hitherto, you have been following the rut… . All you think and hanker for is government service… . Now I want you to get out of that rut and that mentality specially now that we are in free Pakistan. “

a. The Quaid advises the youth to be well-aware of the negative and anti-state elements who always want to weaken the newly established state of Pakistan.
b. You should try to eliminate those selfish people among you who have a desire to use youth for their evil plots to damage the image of Pakistan.
c. The Quaid advises the youth not to run after government service after completion of their degrees. He says that the students have to change their mindset regarding getting a job as they are now a part of a free-state Pakistan. 


Write a summary of the lesson ‘Responsibilities of Youth.’


While addressing the students at the Convocation ceremony, the Quaid throws light on the responsibilities that the youth of the newly established state of Pakistan must shoulder with full zeal and zest, He also gives sincere advice to them on various matters. He begins by saying that today I am talking to you not as the head of the state but as a friend of yours. He congratulates all the students and says that now you are entering into the practical life of life so you should understand your responsibilities well.
The Quaid says that we have broken the shackles of slavery and now are a free state but this does not mean that you start behaving according to your own will. He says that the youth should have constructive spirit and vigor to serve the nation and they must show fairness to themselves, their parents, and the state.
He says that our enemy India has used every means to create problems for Pakistan and to weaken it as it has withheld our cash balances and our share in military equipment. This is the stage when you have to be alert and vigilant by keeping an eye on the evil activities of our enemy. Quaid advises the students to pay full attention to their studies and they must not run after getting government jobs. He asks the youth to divert their minds to other fields and avenues that, for sure, would provide more and better opportunities to them.
According to Quaid, there is huge scope in technical education so the youth should get it. He believes that if the youth will follow his advice with honesty and sincerity, they can help make the state of Pakistan a prosperous nation.


Read each word and underline the silent letter, consult pronunciation key in authentic dictionary if in doubt.

receipt                            doubt                             gnome                         halves
whale                              wrong                             ballet                           excerpt
align                                 Wednesday                 castle                          thumb
rendezvous                  know                               guest                           sword

receipt                              doubt                              gnome                          halves
whale                                wrong                             ballet                           excerpt
align                                 Wednesday                     castle                           thumb
rendezvous                       know                              guest                           sword

Consult dictionary and mark which syllable is to stress in the following words.

reception                      comparison                potato                         bedroom
fourteen                        forty                                delicious                    playful

reception – 2nd                   
comparison  – 2nd             
potato – 2nd               
bedroom – 1st
fourteen – 1st
forty – 1st                        
delicious  – 2nd         
playful  – 1st


A. Circle the abstract noun in each sentence below.

1. I respected the honesty my friend showed.
2. Can you believe that woman’s brilliance?
3. To my delight, everyone arrived on time.
4. She was in great despair when she lost her phone.
5. We have a lot of hope for the future.
6. They showed extreme joy when they helped others.
7. The men had much bravery on the battlefield.
8. My mother always shows great compassion for her children.
9. We have a ton of pride in our school.

1. honesty
2. brilliance
3. delight
4. despair
5. hope
6. joy
7. bravery
8. compassion
9. pride

C. Tell whether the following nouns are countable or not. Tick the correct option and use these nouns in sentences.

1. confusion                          uncountable/countable
2. roof                                       countable/uncountable
3. traffic                                   uncountable/countable
4. pain                                       uncountable/countable
5. behaviour                          uncountable/countable
6. knife                                     countable/uncountable
7. cutlery                                 countable/uncountable
8. freedom                              uncountable/countable
9. mouth                                  countable/uncountable
10. peace                                 uncountable/countable

1. uncountable
2. countable
3. uncountable
4. uncountable
5. uncountable
6. countable
7. uncountable
8. uncountable
9. countable
10. uncountable

confusionThe resignation of the president will cause much confusion.
roofIt took a long time to mend the roof.
trafficThe traffic accident is really a tragedy.
painFor the last few days, she was in constant physical pain.
behaviourHer rude behaviour really made me angry.
knifePlease sharpen the knife.
cutleryThe maid arranged the silver cutlery on the table for the arriving guests.
freedomWe should cherish every moment of freedom.
mouthShe opened her mouth to say something.
peacePeace of mind is essential for any constructive activity.

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