List of Orient insurance 2021 Individual | Group

List of Orient insurance 2021 Individual and Group.

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Individual Orient insurance 2021

Edu Care

Be proud and feel that way when you first understand your children. You need to protect them in every way possible and it can be said that their future is secure and most of all they have a hand in it. Education plays an important role in your children’s future and this logic grows over time. After fulfilling all other financial commitments, do you want to stay together?

Future investments

Different people have different dreams. You also have a dream, but do you have a band-band lifestyle and the rate of fulfilling that dream, day by day, day by day, day by day?

Safety of life

What is your future goal? Do you often fear for your safety? Who would they trust if something bad happened to you?

Life Shield

You have no boundaries with your family and you do your best. However, there is nothing in the future and no one knows. So what are the corners of your power poles? Does it have financial support? There is a certain amount of safety and a certain amount of understanding, you will face any kind of situation. Be ready

Loan Trust

You will take care of your family and provide for them. Often your finances limit your purchasing power and meet the needs of your arms. But, if your family is suffering the most because of an unfortunate event, how will they pay off the debt?

Rewards Pro

Your family is up to you. You have enough insurance to cover life insurance but we want to spend more premium than that?


We all have aspirations. You have nothing, every financial time is needed, then its completion is also limited. Do you understand how your financial needs should be met?

Group Orient insurance 2021

Group Life & Personal Accident Insurance

The Group Life and Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is designed to meet the needs of employers to protect their employees from death or disability. This form of protection is better than work wear compensation insurance because it provides compensation against the risk of natural death and accidental causes of mutual employees. In addition, this coverage is available on a 24-hour basis anywhere in the world.

Group life insurance policy is very flexible and is designed to meet the changing needs of employers. New employees can be added and employees who are no longer employed can be fired during the policy period. Under this scheme, an employer can provide maximum protection to his employees at minimum cost.

In addition to death benefits, there are other optional benefits.

  • Benefit from double accidental death
  • Permanent complete disability due to accident
  • Permanent complete disability due to illness
  • Permanent partial disability due to accident
  • Permanent partial disability due to illness
  • Temporary complete disability due to accident
  • Temporary complete disability due to illness
  • Accidental medical expenses
  • Repatriation of mortal homeland

For more details on Group Life Insurance, please do not hesitate to email Mr. Salon Raman or call 04-2531567.

Credit Life

Credit Life / Credit Shield Insurance is designed to provide a financial institution that protects its customers from failure to pay their debts or credit card payments due to their untimely death or disability.

Although this policy protects financial institutions from incurring losses due to non-performing loans or from taking legal action to recover money owed by the deceased’s family, it also gives the borrower peace of mind. That is, in case of his death, the burden of debt repayment will not depend on him.

In addition to the basic death coverage, we offer the following optional benefits.

Permanent complete disability due to accident.
Accidental death and permanent disability as a “top-up cover”.
Unnecessary loss of employment.
Severe illness
Hospital treatment in case of an accident.

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Orient Insurance Company.

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