Higher Education Insurance

Higher Education Insurance

The mission of education is to prepare others for whatever the future holds. This is also the mission of Gilgir.
Greater diversity. A new generation of students and teachers. Risks Emerging from Climate Change, Title IX, Cyber ​​Risks and Benefits It requires an extraordinary solution that will work today and prepare you for the future.

The Gallagher Higher Education Consulting and Risk Management Team is ready. We work in property/accident, human resources and student populations to provide insurance and risk management solutions. Overall, we manage change for maximum stability.

Curiosity caters to the world of better coverage

Higher education institutions are complex communities of students, faculty, staff and invited guests. They have their own separate infrastructure that covers a wide range of operations, ranging from running large utilities to finding advances in the use of nanotechnology. The Gallagher Higher Education Risk Management and Advisory Team understands the unique needs of these communities and how risk management can be used to support the mission of colleges and universities.

Experienced local professionals backed by strong global resources

It is rare to find any such brokerage office with the necessary skills to serve a complex higher education account. Finding a dedicated service team with these diverse skills is even less so. We’ve changed our service model to identify the needs of local service teams and make it easier for these teams to access industry and coverage specialists when faced with these challenges. We work with public and private colleges and universities, educational medical centers, community colleges, commercial schools and non-profit educational institutions of all kinds and institutions from all regions. From in-depth risk assessments to specialized coverage space, your local service team can rely on our global higher education for all your risk management needs.

Exhibition checklist

Claims for higher education institutions are growing stronger. We analyze all aspects of your institution, the process of which is designed specifically for the higher education industry. Our team has researched and developed best practices:

  1. Cyber ​​Risk Reduction Checklist
  2. Risk transfer for contractors
  3. natural disasters
  4. Collaborative groups and enterprise risk management
  5. International education
  6. Minors on campus
  7. Experienced learning
  8. And more

The best response to a crisis is prevention

Focusing on the risks to focus on Gallagher Higher Education Counseling and Risk Management Practice. We are looking for trends and solutions so that you are prepared to avoid future dangers and focus on providing the best education today. Our special programs include:

  1. Terrorism Risk Responsibility Program for Higher Education
  2. Higher Education Disaster Preparedness, Response and Rehabilitation
  3. Higher education compensation consultancy services
  4. Coverage of violent malicious acts
  5. Disaster management services

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