Top 7 List of Orient Personal Insurance UAE

Top 7 List of Orient Personal Insurance UAE 2021

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Orient brings you easy travel insurance. Your lifestyle is to travel for a quick pain, such as doing a quick overseas business, discovering new places or traveling the world for a lifetime, spending holidays with loved ones, etc … Continue into the world Travel with peace of mind. . Orient You were covered 24/7 with an immediate response to your call. Easy Travel develops travel insurance policies around the world that cater to your business, leisure, and family travel needs.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE | Orient Personal Insurance

This insurance policy covers claims made in writing against the insured during the term of the first policy and for the breach of professional service duties arising out of the insurer’s negligence, error or omission. Becomes legally liable to pay for. During the policy term (and the previous term, if any).

At Orient, we offer occupational compensation insurance for a variety of occupations, including:

  • ch Architect and Engineer (annual and single project policies)
  • aw owners
  • Accounts
  • insurance brokers medical malpractice insurance medical malpractice is a professional indie insurance cover specially designed for those who are involved in the medical profession such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, technicians, etc. In Orient, we are individual professionals. As well as offering medical malpractice insurance for hospitals. / Clinic in their corporate capabilities.

For more information on Professional Indemnity and Medical Disorders, please do not hesitate to email Mr. Goraup Supra, or call 04-2531587.

HOME INSURANCE | Orient Personal

Full housing insurance
Our policy is designed to cover private residences which include articles against the following principal hazards and other accident hazards: a) Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Thunder, Earthquake or Underground Fire) Water Tanks, Equipment Equipment or pipes bursting or leaking) Default oil tanks, apparatus, or pipes leaking so much) Theft, burglary, theft, larceny, or any other attempt) Aircraft or other aerial equipment or articles (Storms, hurricanes and floods) The effect of a road vehicle, horse or cattle, not insured or under the control of any member of the sick or family member) Damage from riots and strikes

This section compensates for the loss or damage to buildings (buildings) of private residential houses or flats and related domestic offices, stables, garages, and large scale construction buildings, as well as walls, gates around it. And fences and landlords. Fixtures and fittings etc. Section

2: Contents
This section compensates for damage or loss to the insured property inside the building due to the principal hazard operation. Section

3: Miscellaneous
This section includes compensation against additional expenses on rent, etc., in the event of loss or damage to property insured under section 1 or section 2 of the policy. Section

4: Responsibility to the public
This section pays for claims against insurance


The Protect Plus insurance policy has 4 sections.

  • Section 1 – Key Coverage: Covers the loss or theft of all keys to the customer’s home and/or vehicle at the time of loss or theft during the insurance period that was attached to its key FOB.
  • Section 2 – Road Waters Cover: The Annual Road Waters test covers road repairs, repairs, replacements, nd / or component road waters as described in the Protect Plus Policy.
  • Section 3 – Tire Cover: Covers repair or replacement (if irreparable) during the insurance period for damages other than a tor accident
  • Section 4 Out of pocket expenses covered: Out-of-pocket expenses are met due to vehicle breakdown not related to a tor accident.

Terms and Conditions and click here to download the policy wording for more details.

GAP INSURANCE | Orient Personal

Car owners do not meet you you manage to avoid these losses can buy that this time may be the best way to ensure the outstanding amount of damage received compensation in the amount of car finance or lease agreement.

Crash damage repair or replacement (if covered irreparable) during the period of insurance of motor accident.

MOTOR INSURANCE | orient insurance dubai

Flat insurance
Our corporate clients have been provided which has good risk management for maintaining the fleet of vehicles

Motor Companion
Comprehensive car insurance – what is known as a full flirtation core – a high level of protection that you can get t get your motor: With flexible options and additional benefits

Third-party responsibility of the motor party
Third-party insurance – the
ed Arab Emirates, the most basic and essential form of motor insurance law.

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