Top 10 schools for insurance

According to the US Census, the number of baby boomers in the millennium is very small and they are expected to make up half of the world’s workforce by 2020. However, the insurance industry needs to find a way to make itself attractive and take advantage of this potential.

The good news is that four out of five thousand-year-olds are “optimistic” or “very optimistic” that the insurance industry will be ready to attract the next generation to insurance skills, as productivity and technology enable talent. According to the second annual “Thousand Year Revolution” study. Related: Chalkboard: Millennial Mindset More than a year old comparison shows this work.

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top 10 schools for insurance

How much does education consultant insurance cost
  1. University of Texas, Austin
  • Non-government tuition and fees: 9,830.
  • Out of state tuition and fees: 34,836.
  • Entries: 39,523.
  • 2014 Rank: 9 (tie)

At the McCommerce School of Business, the Center for Risk Management and Insurance is an important independent research resource for public policy makers within Texas on risk issues.

Research topics include the analysis of credit scoring in insurance and the implications of public policy. Environmental hazards and dealing with them; And the social, ethical, and financial implications of genetic testing for risk and insurance underwriting.

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The Center sponsors and edits the Risk and Insurance Journal, the flagship publication of the American Risk and Insurance Association. Professional programs AR ARM, CSP and CPCU are also offered at the centre.

For academic degrees, the Department of Information, Risk and Operations Management offers three areas: Information Management, Operations Management and Risk. The Department of Mathematics also offers degrees in Actuarial Science.

Source: Here are the top 10 schools for insurance and risk management