Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem 7

Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem 7 (Times) for Punjab and Rawalpindi board, MCQs, True / False, Match the Columns, Grammar, Questions Answers, and 1st Year FSc Part-1 notes.

Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem 7

Q 1. Explain the message in the first eight lines of the poem in your own words.

The poet has tried to convey the importance of time in the first eight lines of the poem. He states that everything happens at its appropriate time. Our creator has made everything for a purpose and there is a specific time for it to be fulfilled and to serve effectively. There a fixed time to be born and to die, a time to plant and later harvest, a time to break and create new substances, time and occasion to weep and to dance, a time to remove the stones and to gather them, a time for acceptance and to let go. Time demands stern observance for beneficial outcomes. We cannot succeed without realizing its importance.

Q 4. Write in your own words the critical appreciation of the poem.

The significance of time is the main theme of the poem. The poet has beautifully composed the lyrics which are simple yet powerful. It is elaborated that everything has its given time and we must observe this ultimate regulation of nature. Everything seems appropriate within its suitable time. A lapse in time for a particular task may cause it to lose its worth and purpose. Similarly, an early adaption would not be appropriate as well. Thus, it is very important to wait for the right time for the most effective outcomes.


Q 3. Silence is an antonym of speech. Write down the antonyms of these words.

i.  born________
ii.  heaven______
iii.  live________
iv. lose______
v.  weep_____
vi  break_______

i. die
ii. hell
iii. die
iv. get
v. laugh
vi. build

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