Class 11 Eglish Notes Play 2 Visit to a Small Planet

Class 11 Eglish Notes Play 2 Visit to a Small Planet Punjab and Rawalpindi board, MCQs, True / False, Match the Columns, Grammar, Questions Answers, and 1st Year FSc Part-1 notes.

Class 11 Eglish Notes Play 2 Visit to a Small Planet

i. How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers? Write five sentences.

Kreton proves his extraordinary powers several times in the play. For instance, he tells General Powers that he has been thinking of his promotion. At another incident, General Powers demands to take the ship apart but Kreton creates some kind of an invisible wall around it. He also tells them that he can speak and understand all the languages of the Earth. Later, they identify that Kreton moves his space ship without any instruments and it only takes him a day to reach Earth. Kreton further tells them that the people of his planet do not face death.

ii. What is the purpose of Kreton’s visit?

Kreton proclaims that he has been studying the planet Earth for years and the people of this planet are his hobby, particularly their current period of development. He tells General Powers that he has come to take over the charge of the whole world.

iii. How much advanced is the civilization of Kreton than that of the Earth?

The civilization of Kreton is far more advanced than that of the Earth. They can cover huge distances through spaceships without having any instruments or food. They can also listen to the minds of people and can easily understand the languages of other planets. Kreton believes that the inhabitants of Earth are just beginning their civilization.

iv. Can the people of the Earth compete with those of Kreton?

No, the people of Earth cannot compete with those of Kreton as they are far more learned and have progressed a lot. They could listen to the minds of other people and can operate cars without any instruments and much more.


v. How damaging is violence in life? Write five sentences.

Violence causes many troubles in life. It creates unrest everywhere. It inhibits the people from enjoying their life. It may create hindrance in our progress. It destroys the purpose of human life in the world.

vi. What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?

We can foresee that we would be able to compare ourselves to the people of Kreton in the year 5000. The people would be free from hatred and violence and feel a sense of pride in the service of humanity. They will be more realistic and practical.

vii. How impressive were the morals of Kreton?

Kreton must be appreciated for his manners and sensible approaches while addressing suspicions. He dealt with all the people in a very calm way, yet keeping an assertive approach. He tried not to hurt anyone, even knowing that they were far inferior to him, in terms of development. He opposed violence against mankind.

viii. What is the role of General Powers in the play?

General Powers plays an important role in the play. He interrogates Kreton after the instructions of the President of United States. He asks various questions to him in order to conclude the purpose of his arrival. Finally, revealing his true identity, his mission and future plans. He also exposes the fears of USA government and puts the house under martial law.

ix. What is the theme of Kreton’s study?

Kreton has had a thorough study of the planet, about its geographical features as well as the civilization. He proclaims that the people of Earth are his hobby and their current period which he believes to be the initial stages of human civilization, are the most fascinating ones.


x. How does Kreton impress General Powers?

Kreton impresses General Powers by telling him that he can speak all the languages of the planet. He also astonishes him by creating an invisible wall around the ship. The General Powers gets surprised when Kreton tells him that he is thinking of his promotion.

Q 4. Answer the following questions in 100 – 150 words.

i. Write a note on
a)  Mr. Spelding            b) Mrs Spelding                        c)  Ellen
d)   John                            e)   General Powers                f)   Kreton

a) Mr Spelding

Mr Roger Spelding is a TV commenter by profession. He lives with his wife and a young, beautiful daughter, Ellen, who wishes to marry John. But Mr Spelding is not much happy with their relationship as he believes that he is not an ambitious and hardworking person and likes to spend his time on the farm. Mr Spelding depends on his friend, General Powers and has faith on his words, thus when John tells them that the spaceship is going to land, he doesn’t believe him and keeps a firm opinion that the object is a meteor and not a spaceship. He is a generous man and offers Kreton to spend a night with them.

b) Mrs Spelding
Mrs Spelding is the wife of Mr Roger Spelding. She is a loving and caring lady. She is very concerned about her husband and daughter, Ellen. She is a housewife and is fond of gardening. She has a very beautiful Rose garden in her house.
Mrs Spelding shows her fears regarding the visitor and tells all the family members to go into the cellar to seek protection. She gets worried about her Rosegarden too as the spaceship lands there. But as soon as she meets the visitor and finds him to be a nice man, she treats him politely and prepares a room for him to take rest. She is a kind lady and deals with others in a humble way.

c) Ellen 
Ellen is a young, cheerful girl and the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Spelding. She likes John and wants to marry him but her father opposes her relationship and he believes that he is not an ambitious person and suggests that she must marry a rich man but she remains assertive and explains to her father that he already has what is needed for a comfortable life and she has no issue that John is a farmer. She further tells him that she is not after money and doesn’t require a rich person. She is a well-mannered girl and completely satisfied with her life.


d) John
John is a farmer and owns a fair area of land. He grows English walnuts on the land and is satisfied with his work. He likes Ellen, the daughter of Mr Spelding and desires to marry her. He is the one who enters the house and announces the arrival of a spaceship. He is a brave and curious person and stays calm at the landing of spaceship even when others get scared about the visitor. Mr Spelding asks to leave the house until the Army arrives but John and Ellen get eager to witness the arrival of the visitor. They welcome him together and take him inside the house.

e) General Powers
General Powers is a very patriotic person and is extremely passionate about his job. He is a good friend of Mr Spelding and gets a chance to interview Kreton at his house. Despite his good friend, he doesn’t hesitate to put the house under martial law and requests Mr Spelding to leave him alone with Kreton, so that he can interrogate him in privacy. He is very certain about the defence of his country and can risk anything for that purpose. He feels that Kreton is a spy and puts all his efforts to determine his identity and reasons for the arrival. However, he has a dual personality and his true intentions were not only to defend the country but to earn fame and promotion. 

f) Kreton
Kreton is a visitor from some other planet of a different solar system. He arrives at Mr Spelding’s house in a spaceship, which lands in Mrs Spelding’s Rose garden. He is dressed up in the fashion of 1860 as he says that he is hundred years late. He is a very sensible man and answers the entire interrogation session in the most appropriate way. He says that the people of his planet are much more advanced than that of the people of Earth. They are not in the favour of violence and are free from hatred.
Kreton possesses some extraordinary powers and creates an invisible wall around the spaceship; he can listen to the minds of people and can speak all the languages of the planet.

ii. How does the playwright expose the inferiority of the present race to that of the future?

The writer expresses the inferiority of the present race in comparison to that of the future in terms of scientific advancements as well as personality development. He believes that the man of the future will be free from hatred and violence and feel a sense of pride in the service of humanity.
Kreton proclaims in the play that we are at the initial stages of development and thus uphold the primitive traits. He also expects us to progress in future and improvise ourselves. We can believe that the people of Earth would be able to compete with the ones who belong to Kreton’s planet, in future years. And assuming the character of Kreton as of a person from our future, we can easily identify our deficiencies and limitations in understanding the hidden endowments and the things which need to be discovered yet, and above all, the ultimate manners and etiquettes which are essentially important for a developed civilization. The writer assumes that the future man will not be hostile; rather he will be cooperative, helpful and flooded with emotions.

iii. Describe the arrival of the flying saucer in your own words.

It is a dark, starry night as Mr Spelding returns after his broadcast and discusses the doubtful existence of a strange thing being observed in the sky. He relies on General Powers, who has given out the news that it is nothing but a meteor passing through the Earth’s orbit. But soon, it is realized that the passing thing is not really a meteor rather some kind of spaceship which is gradually getting closer to the Earth.
John is the first one to announce that the object is about to land. Although Mr Spelding keeps his firm opinion and denies agreeing with John that it is a spaceship, which is going to land. However, Mrs Spelding gets worried that the object might hit the house and her worries turn into reality. The spaceship shines brightly and lands in Mrs Spelding’s Rose garden. It appears to be made of some shinning metal and has an elliptical form. Mr Spelding urges to leave the place until the Army reaches to take charge, but before they could take a decision, the visitor comes out of the spaceship and to their surprise, he has a similar appearance to that of an ordinary man.


iv. Compare and contrast the people of the two planets.

The people of the two planets have no comparison as the ones belonging to Kreton’s planet are much more advanced than those of the Earth. They can operate cars without any instruments; they can travel huge distances in a day and can speak all languages. The people of the Earth cannot compete with them as they are far more learned and have progressed a lot. They are free from hatred and are not in the favour of violence. We can determine from the character of Kreton that they feel pride in the service of mankind and are highly sophisticated people. Furthermore, they possess extraordinary powers which are complete myths for humans. They can listen to the minds of other people and we see in the play that Kreton creates an invisible wall around the spaceship. He proclaims that the human civilization is just beginning and upholds the primitive traits. The statement is quite appropriate as we are far backward in comparison to the people of Kreton’s planet.

v. Write a story of your visit to a far off place in the north of Pakistan.

A visit to Kalash Valley could be entitled to be the most exciting trip. The journey lasted for three days as we were unable to get a flight due to bad weather, so we were bound to travel by road and seek a rest house after regular intervals. Though it was a hectic journey finally, we reached the destination and witnessed the boisterous and enormously vibrant atmosphere.
We had plans to climb the hilltop at night and entertain ourselves with the cultural dance of the inhabitants. As we were ascending, the night sky was getting even attractive, thousands of glittery stars twinkling and sparkling right above us. Along with the other tourists, we were mesmerized by the symphony played by the natives and the rhythmic movements of young boys and girls provided us with a memorable moment. The next day, we did some camping beside the river and went through the great woodwork done by those people, without having the latest instruments. There is much more to be discussed, however, we can conclude that the beauty of Kalash Valley and the innocence of the people amazed us.

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