Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem 3 (Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now)

Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem 3 (Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now)

Q 4. Explain the first stanza with reference to context.

These lines have been taken from the poem “Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now”, written by A.E. Housman by William Davies.
The poet expresses his profound and eternal love for cherry, in the poem. He believes that cherry is a source of joy. It brings happiness and brightness to life and glorifies the mind and thoughts. The poet longs for eternal life to see the cherry trees fully covered with flowers and snow and exclaims that the fifty years of his life are not enough to enjoy this delightful sight.
In this stanza, the poet describes that the Cherry is the loveliest of the trees and is in full bloom now. Its boughs are bending downloaded with flowers and it stands along the path in the woods. And it is fully covered with snow; he assumes that the Cherry is dressed up in a white dress in preparation of the celebration of Easter.
The poet expresses his affectionate feelings for the beauty of nature and considers Cherry to be the symbol of eternal beauty which could bring contentment and freshness to one’s life. His thoughts revolve around the dazzling beauty of Cherry and he yearns to enjoy this lovely endowment of Easter.

Q 5. What time of the year is mentioned in the first stanza?

The spring season or the time for Easter is mentioned in the first stanza. 

Q 6. Read the second stanza carefully and write how old is the poet?

According to the second stanza of the poem, we can conclude that he is twenty years old. 

Q 7. What is the poet trying to say in the last stanza of the poem?

The poet admires the beauty of the cherry tree and he thinks that the fifty years would not be enough to enjoy the beauty of Spring, flavored by the glory of cherry. So, he’ll not miss a single chance to go to the woodland to soothe his eyes with the glamorous sight of the flowery boughs of the cherry tree, hanging down with snow.


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