Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem 11

Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem 11 Leisure for Punjab and Rawalpindi board, MCQs, True / False, Match the Columns, Grammar, Questions Answers, and 1st Year FSc Part-1 notes.

Q 2. Why do you think the poet has given this title to his poem when he is talking about life full of care with no time to stand and stare. (100 to 150 words)

The poet has ironically entitled the poem “Leisure”, he compares the two routines and illuminates that a busy life has no worth. He opposes the modern culture where man is completely obsessed with technology and is so busy in his progress that he has no spare time to stand and look around and admires the beauty of nature. He has no peace of mind and the spirit of revitalization and he leads a very dull and boring life. The poet feels pity for such a life thus he concludes it to be a poor one. He tries to highlight the importance of leisure time in our lives.

Q 3. What is the poet trying to say in the last two lines of the poem?

The poet is trying to highlight that our life has no worth if it is full of care and worries. If we do not have spare time to relish and soothe ourselves then we are certainly leading a dull and boring life. He feels pity for such a life thus he concludes it to be a poor one.

Q 4. Write down the pairs of all rhyming words in the poem.

i. care, stare
ii. boughs, cows
iii. daylight, night
iv. glance, dance
v. can, began 

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