Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem4 (O Where Are You Going )

Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem4 (O Where Are You Going ) Punjab and Rawalpindi board, MCQs, True / False, Match the Columns, Grammar, Questions Answers, and 1st Year FSc Part-1 notes.

Class 11 Eglish Notes Poem4 (O Where Are You Going )

Q 1. Summarize the poem in your own words.

The poem “O Where Are You Going?” is written by W. H. Auden. It is about a conversation between two imaginary characters, personified as Reader and Rider. A rider is a courageous person, ready to face the fears and explore the world. However, the reader discourages him and tells him that the valley beyond is full of dangers and the smell of dung over there is deadly and will madden his mind. He tries to terrify him and to make him lose his strength. He tells him that darkness will cause him to lose his way and there are strange birds in the trees.

He creates a dangerous picture in his mind but the rider stays firm and responds that he knows how to cope up with adverse situations and criticizes him that he has never tried to come out of his cocoon and explored himself by taking challenges. Success is achieved by only those who struggle for it and not by those who take measures by sitting at home. Words have no worth until they are put to action. The reader is a well-composed character and he is ready to travel around and conquer his fears.

i. What kinds of feelings does the poet create in the minds of his readers?

The poet develops an optimistic approach in the mind of the reader. He conveys that we do have internal and external pressure and fears which refrain us from achieving our goals. But we must not let those fears of failure overpower us and we should demonstrate courage and determination to strive and to take challenges and conquer the world as well as our fears.

ii.  How do you feel after reading the poem?

The poem gives us a very common yet powerful message that one must not caste images in his mind prior to the incident and should have strong determination to achieve his goals. Life is meant to be spent by continuous struggle. Thus, we must not be afraid of hurdles and should lead with a practical approach.


iii.  What does the title of the poem signify?

The title of the poem signifies a common question of fear and nervousness. The one who sits idle and keeps thinking purposelessly loses; the courage to take challenges and he is often questioned by his inner-self. His fears do not let him move ahead and explore the world. His mind gives him excuses to refrain him from achieving his goals and he also discourages others from attaining theirs.

iv.  Write down the rhyming words in the poem.

reader, rider
burn, return
midden, madden
pass, grass
looking, lacking
trees, disease
swiftly, softly
hearer, horror
farer, fearer

v. Explain the third stanza of the poem in your own words.

In the third stanza of the poem, the horror tries to terrify the hearer and expresses that there are strange birds and some weird things in the twisted trees. He creates a horrifying image of the place to make him lose his strength and courage to explore the world. He scares him by telling him that the trees may be occupied by some supernatural beings which can move swiftly and may harm him. He asks him to have a look at the spot on his skin which is a deadly disease. He ultimately tries to discourage him by telling him about the possible dangers which are merely his perceptions.

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