Biology Notes FA FSc Chapter No 7 Protests and Fungi

Biology Notes FA FSc Chapter No 7 Protests and Fungi

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Protests and Fungi Biology Notes FA FSc
Protests and Fungi Biology Notes FA FSc

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Q: what is Protista, write their general features.

Protista” ( Proto- first ( 60,000 – 200,000 species)

Definition: “These are the first and oldest eukaryote organisms, very much different from each other in size, structure, and means of locomotion, nutrition, reproduction, habitats, and interaction with the host.”

Characteristics feature:

  • Protists are eukaryotes.
  • The protists are unicellular, conical, or simple multicellular organisms.
  • They may be autotrophic or heterotrophic
  • There is no tissue system in multicellular protest.
  • Protists have flagella at some stage during their life cycle.
  • On the basis of their resemblances with pants, animals, and fungi, protists are divided into plank-like, animal-like, and fungus-like protests.

Question: 2 Explain the different groups of Protista.


On the basis of mode of nutrition, Protista is divided into three major :

  • Animal-like protists ( ingestive protists)
  • Pant like protest (photosynthetic protists)
  • Fungi like protists Absorptive protest)

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