Biology Notes FA FSc Chapter No 1 Cell Structure and Function

 Biology Notes Chapter No 1 Cell Structure and Function pdf

Biology Notes Chapter No 1 Cell Structure and Function pdf all board short question, long question, exercise, Previous entry Test Mcqs of Biology chapter No 1 Cell Structure and Function.

Biology FA/ FSc Notes

cell structure and function notes

Question:1 What is a cell, write the main Points of Cell theory.

Meaning Latin word means Chamber

Ans: Cell: Definition: it is the basic unit of al living organisms on the basis of structure and function.

Cytology: The study of cells and their component is Known as cytology.

The cell contains a living substance called protoplasm.

Cell Theory:

Development of cell theory:

Two German biologists Schleiden (1838)  a botanist and Schwann ( 1839) a zoologist, formulated the cell theory.

Main Ponts:

The main point of cell theory are as under:

  • al living organisms are composed of one or more cells.
  • cell I the basic structure as well as a function unit for all living organisms.
  • New cells are formed from pre-existing cells.
  • A cell consists of 3 parts i.e cell.M. cytoplasm nucleus.

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Cell Structures and Function pdf Chapter No: 1 Biology Notes

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