An African Village Calss 10 Notes

An African Village Calss 10 Notes

An African Village Calss 10 Notes

Q.1 How many independent countries are there in Africa and where is Nigeria?

Ans. Africa is the second-largest continent which consists of more than twenty-five independent countries. Nigeria is one of the largest countries in Africa. It is in West Africa.

Q.2 What is the bush area made up of and where do most Nigerian farmers live?

Ans. The bush area has consisted of scattered trees with heavy undergrowth in the form of thick bush and grass. Most of the Nigerian farmers live in the villages and farm settlements in the bush area. They construct huts and live in those huts.

Q.3 What is the centre of activities?

Ans. The main center of activities in the courtyard of the house. Women cook food and work over there and children play there. They only use rooms for resting purposes.

Q.4 What are their food crops and cash crops?

Ans. The crop, which is edible and we use as food is called food crops. The main food crops of Nigeria are plantains, potatoes, yarns, groundnuts, and pepper. The crop which is sold to other countries is called cash crops and Nigeria’s cash crops include palm oil and cocoa.

Q.5 Who tends the food crops and the cash crops?

Ans. Food crops are usually tended by women. Whereas, the cash crops are tended by men.

Q.6 What is made from cocoa beans and yield from palm trees?

Ans. From the fruit of the cocoa tree, yield beans that are grounded into powder which forms chocolate. From the palm trees, palm oil is yielded. When the oil from the trees is passed through the chemical processors, the palm oil is obtained in pure form.

Q.7 Why was continent Africa called “Dark Continent” once?

Ans. Continent Africa was called the “Dark Continent” once because the habitats and civilizations of the people of this continent were not known to the world. Due to their backward living styles and old fashioned traits, this continent seems to be the dull part of this world.

Q.8 Give a brief account of Nigeria?

Ans. Nigeria is situated in West Africa and is one of the largest countries in Africa. Nigeria is an agricultural country. It is also a thickly populated country that comprises the majority of farmers. A great part of Nigeria is covered with a dense forest.

Q.9 How is the life of Nigerian farmers different from Pakistani farmers?

Ans. The life of Nigerian farmers differs from Pakistani farmers in many ways. Their agricultural style is quite different from ours. They are not in favour of keeping cattle because of the disease which enables them to use cattle in farming. Their daily routine of life also differs from a Pakistani farmer.

Q.10 Describe the changes that are coming or likely to come soon in the life of the bush dwellers in Nigeria.

Ans. Many favourable changes are coming in the life of bush dwellers, which include the availability of transport and communication, health and education, food and water, etc. Soon their lifestyle will develop because many more modern facilities are making their way in these villages.

Q.11 Describe the life of a Nigerian farmer and his wife?

Ans. The life of a Nigerian villager is a model of hard work. From the rising of the sun to the dark, they work in the fields and houses. The farmer usually does all the work related to agriculture and women do household jobs including looking after the food crops.

Q.12 Describe the building style of the Nigerian farm.

Ans. The building style of Nigerian farms consists of three styles. The first style is single-roomed and simple but is made from thick branches of trees. Another style is the cone-shaped huts made from straw and whose roof is thatched grass, needs, or palm trees. The last style is the two or three-roomed huts made of wood or is plastered with mud.

Q.13 Why can Nigerian farmers not rear cattle?

Ans. Nigerian farmers are not interested in rearing cattle because of the major hazards for the cattle. The tsetse fly is a sign of danger for them. On the other hand, it is also dangerous for human beings because it causes an unconscious state which most of the time ends in death.

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