The man who wins Chapter – 27 Matric Notes

The man who wins Chapter – 27 Matric Notes | Class 10 English Notes


Although the poet of this poem is anonymous, it contains the morality that we should develop a strong will, self-confidence and a positive attitude towards life. Once we have decided on a goal and want to do something according to our natural abilities and use our energies to achieve it, we can work wonders and we will definitely achieve it.


The poem emphasizes the importance of good thoughts and the power of will. It is written by an anonymous poet. Read more
It is rightly said that a man who thinks he can win. Conversely, if your thinking is less than simple and practical, it will have a negative effect on your actions. If you want to do something but your thinking is negative, you will be left behind in the race of life.

The way we work, the way we perform depends on thinking. We always find this principle everywhere. According to the poet, the germs of personality are the power to get rid of any kind of complications, to expand ideas and to have full confidence and trust.
Life is a war. You have to fight every time you live your life. A strong fight and a man with good thoughts can win this battle. The power of the mind and the integrity of the thoughts are the keys to success.

Question and answer

Q.1 Express lines 3 and 4 in your first sentence?
Answer The poet has conveyed a very powerful message through these letters that if you have good facilities to do something but if you’re thinking is negative then you will fail in it. If your thinking is violent and less practical then you will get the same result.

Q.2 what are the characteristics of a poet that a person needs to succeed in life?
Answer: The poet has given an excellent description of the jewels of a perfect personality. The power to overcome any kind of complexity, the breadth of ideas and full confidence and self-confidence are the main pillars of success. With these qualities, men can struggle with the resistance of life.

Question 03 high According to the poet brought by high thoughts, what are the results?
Answer: The poet has so convincingly described the benefits of higher thoughts that the breadth of thoughts gives us spiritual strength. The power of the mind and the integrity of thoughts is the real reward of higher thoughts. If one thinks high, one can win the battle of life.

Q.4 What a message of the poem “The Man Who Wins”?
Answer: The secret of success in life is revealed in the poem “The Man Who Wins” by emphasizing the importance of goodness, ideas and the power of will. The power to overcome any kind of complexity, the breadth of ideas and complete confidence and self-confidence are the gems of the perfect personality. Man can win the battle of life by thinking high.

Customs in different parts of Pakistan Chapter 26

Question 1 Pathans and what kind of people are they, what kind of food do they like?

Answer: Pathans are passionate fighters and the extremes of weather and climate have made them physically very strong. He is known for his hospitality and male power in society is taken as his pride. Roasted mutton and spicy tongues are just like them.

Q.2 how and why does a tribal person announce the birth of a son?

Answer: A tribal man fires a rifle to make the birth of his son known to the public. He does this because the birth of a son is considered a blessing for him. Male power is considered their pride in society.

Question: Why is Punjab called the seat of education?

Answer: Punjab is called the seat of education because many educational institutions and institutions flourished in the region centuries ago and are still imported in the form of schools, colleges and universities. Taxila University, which developed two thousand five hundred years ago, gives healthy evidence that Punjab has always been the seat of education.

Q.4 where do Punjabi farmers sit in the evening?

Answer: Punjabi farmers sit in chapels in the evening. They discuss the weather and crops and resolve their disputes. They also enjoy songs and dances, meaning a collection of slippers entertain them.

5. Bloch what is the result of severe weather on the lives of Bloch? Why is Bloch living a simple gipsy life?

Answer: Extremism of the weather is unable to make the Bloch live in one place. They move from place to place to avoid weather disasters. Their daily lives are badly affected by the weather.

Question 6 Explain the marriage of Balochi?

Answer: A Baloch wedding ceremony is to be very happy and joyful which brings happiness to the guest. Men and women dance to the beat of a live drum, which is considered to be the greatest legacy of marriage. The bridegroom eats his own and the bride’s guests.

Question 7: The civilization of Mehran valley and the name of the university at that time?

The Mehran Valley is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back to 2500 BC. The ruins of the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro speak of a highly developed society that existed about 5,000 years ago. Taxila University was present at that time.

Q8. Who are the famous saints of Sindh?

Answer: Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai are famous saints of Sindh. These Sufi poets and saints preached the message of Allah in a very convincing manner. His poetry is an important aspect of our culture.

Q.9 What are the famous handicrafts of Sindh?

The answer came from most of Sindh’s handicraft embroidery which is appreciated all over the country as well as abroad. These crafts include fabrics embroidered with silk thread, pearls and mirrors. Mirror work is also done on purses and cushions.

Question No. 10 How are weddings and wedding ceremonies organized in Pathans?

Answer: Pathans believe in arranged marriages performed by their elders. Wedding ceremonies are celebrated with great enthusiasm, with guests playing the drums.

Question 11. Why is Punjab called the “Heart of Pakistan”?

Answer: Quaid-e-Azam termed Punjab as “Pakistan of the Heart” due to its geographical and scientific importance. It is the land of five rivers and the seat of education. Religious highlights in the region are clear from the fact that the shrines of saints and holy men are the living glory of Pakistan.

Q-12 What is a Urs and how is it celebrated?

The answer is the US, the death or birthday of Sufi poets, celebrated religiously. People gather at shrines and sing devotional songs. They attend festivals associated with these weddings.

Q.13 what is the importance of culture?

Answer: This lesson emphasizes the import of culture for any nation. What is called civilized is an important thing for any civilization. As the saying goes, “An uninhabited person is like sitting on a sloping roof.”

Q.14 What is Sandy and where is it used?

Answer Sandy is a kind of coal shop used in extremely cold weather. Sandy with a little burning coal in the middle of the room that keeps people warm. This device is common in Balochistan.

Q.15 Write the main topic of this lesson?

Answer: This lesson tells us the fact that Pakistan is very rich in different traditions. It shows us how people from different parts of our country are living their lives according to their traditions. This cultural heritage is the basic identity of Pakistan.

Q.16 what do you know about Pakistani culture?

Answer Pakistani culture consists of a variety of colourful customs, including religious festivals, traditional wedding ceremonies, and arts and crafts. Pakistani culture is also woven with the thread of simplicity and hospitality. This collective manifestation of customs and traditions emerges mostly from history, which once again presents the basic identity of Pakistan.

Fill in the blanks

  • Therefore, the birth of a son is considered a great blessing for the family.
  • The Pathans of the North are stable and militant.
  • People from all over the country take part in “UR” and sing devotional songs.
  • They. They will protect those who come at the cost of their lives.
  • People’s favourite food is meat.
  • Roasted mutton and chapel kebabs are popular dishes.
  • Most of the festivals in Sindh are religious in nature.
  • Sheep are raised in large herds on the green slopes of the northern regions.
  • The rock area is mostly barren
  • The ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro dates back to 2500 BC.


  • To look at someone: to have the same opinion, or to agree with it

For example: Management rarely pays attention to wages.

Sentence: When the government is passing the bill against the eighth amendment, the eyes of the opposition are on it.

  • Turning to the deaf ear: not paying attention to it

For example, The employee kept hearing his case but the manager turned him deaf.

Sentence: Pakistan has raised the Kashmir issue in the United Nations several times but it turned a deaf ear to it.

  • Black Sheep: A bad character in another good group

Example: There are very good citizens born in our school but there are also black sheep.

Sentence: We should point to the black sheep of society.

  • Task getting to work: Calculating, blaming, reprimanding

Example: People who are corrupt have to take responsibility for their actions.

Sentence: The manager was tasked with abusing him in the bank accounts.

  • Far and wide: over a large area.

For example, This tour will take you far away from the country.

Sentence: People came from far and wide to see the newborn kangaroo at the zoo.

  • Large-scale: on freedom, or for free.

Example: Politician is widely popular.

Sentence: Large numbers of people condemned the opening of liquor stores in their area.