Speak Gently Class 10 Notes

Speak Gently Class 10 Notes


The author of this poem is anonymous. But the tone of the poem represents the poem.


Talking softly to everyone is a characteristic of our character. By being gentle, we have the potential to lose a lot and gain a lot in friendship. Goodwill and even more material rewards. It puts our character and personality in a very good light and creates an everlasting impression in the minds of others.


“Kindness is more important than wisdom and recognizing it is the beginning of wisdom.”


This Moorish poem was written by an anonymous poet. The poem emphasizes speaking softly.

By speaking softly, we can gain the spiritual power to rule. Treating someone harshly is a kind of moral sin that can destroy our good deeds.

Speak softly to train a child and win their love and trust. If you do not adopt a light attitude, your teachings will not last long.

Our attitude towards the elderly and the elderly should be gentle so that an atmosphere can be created in which they can spend the rest of their days in peace.

Light words do not burden you. These gentle words make an impression on the hearts of others forever. The reward for adopting this habit is that there is goodness and eternal pleasure in this mortal world. It also brings rewards in eternal life.

Question and answer

Question 1 What is the result of adopting a strict attitude?

Answer: Strict speaking is a kind of moral and social sin that can destroy our virtues. We should soften our character. This is the only way we can secure our good deeds in this mortal world.

Q.2 What does it resemble between a heart and a deep well?

The answer is that the poet bears a deep resemblance to the deep well because we cannot imagine what is deep inside the human heart. One thing is for sure, soft words go deep into the heart and we cannot take these words out of the heart.

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