Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 9

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 9 (Selecting the Right Career) Include review questions, solved exercises, important board questions, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, MCQs, and grammar.

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 9 (Selecting the Right Career)


Q.A) Give meaning of each word as used in the lesson.

  • disciplines
  • flooded
  • scope
  • significance
  • trends
  • pathway


  • a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.
  • fill or suffuse completely
  • the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something.
  • the quality of being worthy of attention; importance.
  • general development in a situation and the way people are thinking.
  • a way of achieving a specified result; a course of action

Q.B) Use these words in sentences.advantageousinnovativerewardingaptitudeconsiderations


  • Our scheme of study has a wide scope, and it is advantageous for many students. 
  • They always appreciate innovative ideas in their work.
  • Book writing can be an intellectual and financially rewarding activity.
  • They always prefer students with an aptitude for painting and drawing.
  • These basic considerations serve to explain the moon and other satellites.

Q.C) Identify the difference between these terms after consulting the dictionary.

  • degree
  • certificate
  • diploma
  • course


  • An academic degree is the state of recognized completion of studies at a school or university. i.e bachelors degree, masters degree, medical degree, law degree etc. 
  • An academic certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests. i.e, Secondary School Certificate, Certificate of Higher Education etc.
  • diploma is generally issued in recognition of having satisfactorily completed the prescribed course of studies. i.e diploma in TEFL, diploma in House management etc.
  • Course is a complete series of studies. i.e. laboratory course, English course etc.

Q.D) Give a name to each of the following persons.

1. A person who reports for a newspaper.                        ________
2. A person who introduces performers at a concert.  ___________
3. A person who takes charge of a school.                    __________
4. A person who gives evidence in the court.                 __________
5. A person who repairs boots and shoes.                     __________
6. A person who is skilled in the science of plants.      ____________
7. A person who designs buildings.                            ____________

1. A reporter
2. A compere/host
3. A headmaster/ headmistress/ principal
4. A witness
5. A cobbler
6. A botanist
7. An architect

Reading Comprehension

Q.A) Answer the following questions.

i) What were some famous careers for the young people in the past?


People in past were more attracted towards medical, engineering and becoming pilots. These jobs were thought to be rewarding both in terms of respect and money. This was the only reason, students were not exploring other opportunities.

ii) Nowadays non-traditional careers are more appealing to young minds? Why?


Nowadays, non- traditional careers are more appealing to young minds because young generation is quite eager to have new challenges and experiences in their life that’s why they want to pursue such careers which give them inner satisfaction according to their interest and at the same time offer them a profitable livelihood too in the life to come.

iii) What is meant by the “right profession”?


Right profession means a career that is not only selected by keeping in view the interest, aptitude or abilities of an individual but it should meet market demand and trends too. In this way, it gives a sense of inner satisfaction to a person as well as becomes a source of perfect earning for the individual.

iv) Why is it important to consider the scope of any field?


It is very important to consider the scope of any field before opting for it. The reason behind is the market demand and hiring trends. If a person selects such career that is not in demand in the market then it is quite difficult for him to get a good job as his education or qualification is outdated or not according to the latest trends of the market.

v) Is there any need of proper career counseling department? Why?


Yes, there is a genuine need for proper career counseling department as this provides the appropriate guideline to the students as well as to their parents about selecting the right career according to the interest, aptitude, and abilities of the student and also by focusing on the scope of that specific profession in the years to come. In this way, time, energy and resources of the students and their parents are not wasted in case of students’ failure in any of the unwanted or forced discipline.

vi) How can career counselors help the young people?


Career counselors help the young people in selecting the best possible career for them by giving proper guidelines about the market demand and trends that would be helpful for young people in getting a suitable job after finishing their professional education.

vii) Which career do you want to opt for? Give reasons.


My favorite profession is teaching as it is saints’ job. The profession of teaching not only grooms the personality of a person but offers a wealth of knowledge and information to the teacher. Another reason is that I am a social animal and like to communicate with others, therefore, I believe that the teaching profession gives a chance to fulfill this need of mine along with gaining professional expertise.

Q.B) Write a precis of paragraph 5.

Career counselors are well informed of the existing trends in education so they guide student towards a rewarding profession. They give their best suggestion to the students, keeping in view the caliber and aptitude of the students. This is profession of high demand especially in schools, where a 14-15 years’ student cannot decide the subject he wants to opt is appropriate for him or not. These counselors help students in making future decisions.

Q.C) Write an essay on “My Favourite Career”. (220-250 words).

 “Science is about knowing, engineering is about doing”.

I am impressed by the feats of engineers since my young age. I want to become an engineer, because my interest lies in physics and mathematics. Problem solving is an integral element of engineering, and one of my major strength. It is a versatile profession, working for the betterment of life and has better career prospect than any other profession.

The things that seem to fascinate me to be an engineer is the complexity of the problems and the way they provide the solution to the problems. They provide what method to apply in order to produce the most elegant solution. They have to think creatively. These sorts of problems exist all over the place and consequently my interest in problem solving and creative thinking goes well beyond the walls of the classroom.

There are amazing job options and employment prospects. Using the knowledge of engineering, I want to solve and analyze different problems. I have chosen this field because I want to use my skills for the benefits of society. They have influence on every field of work. They invent medical tools to facilitate in surgeries and different machineries to speed up the industrial work. Engineers open the door to a better future.

Another major draw card towards being a professional engineer is that engineering is a global profession. It is needed everywhere in the world, hence provides a great opportunity to get jobs anywhere around the world.

Engineers are meant not to just please themselves but also others – since they are the ones who will help people towards a better life. Therefore, to be an engineer would be a great honor for me.

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