Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 6

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 6 (Television vs Newspapers) Include review questions, solved exercises, important board questions, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, MCQs, and grammar.

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 6 (Television vs Newspapers)


Q.1) Give the meaning of each word as used in the lesson.


Visible, obvious
Features, characteristics
Freedom, spare moment
Related to the sense of hearing.
Lavishness, splendour,

Q.2) Form a noun with each of the following words and use the nouns in sentences.


Relevance:       His private life should have no relevance to his professional career.  
Interest:           His interest lies in philosophy and music.
Requirement:   The requirement of the job is accuracy and fluency.
Convenience:    Fast food is popular because of its cost and convenience.
Effectiveness:   He questioned the effectiveness of the treatment before starting it.

Reading Comprehension

Q.2) Read the text again and put information from the text into the graphic organizer showing compare and contrast.

Read the text again and put information from the text into the graphic organizer showing compare and contrast

Television vs. Newspaper

Similarities    Differences
Television and newspaper are both medium of information; News and UpdatesNewspaper can be read anywhere anytime, whereas, watching news on television requires its viewers to be at certain place and time. 
Television and newspaper both provide a good source of entertainment.  Reading newspaper requires proficiency in language, in order to get much of its understanding. On the contrary, watching news on television does not require any knowledge of language. Since news can be viewed as well as listened.                                                                                                                                                                                  
Both are time consuming.                                                                                                                                                  Television can provide us little opportunity to give our point of view and opinion regarding the news updates as they fly away too fast. But we can easily give our opinion regarding any article or news that we read in newspaper.                                                                                                                                    

Q.3) Answer the following questions.

i) How is a newspaper a more convenient medium of news?
A newspaper does not require any place or time to read. It can be carried anywhere. And portions from the newspaper can be skipped as per convenience.
ii) How does a viewer get restricted while watching TV news?
Watching television restricts its viewers as it cannot be moved along. Furthermore, the timings of news programs are defined and are not feasible to be watched anytime.
iii) In what way viewing news on TV is easier than reading a newspaper?
News on TV is easier than reading a newspaper as it does not require control of the language, as everything on the TV screen is seen and heard. It is convenient to watch television as it is similar to the reading story.
iv) How do newspapers give us more in-depth coverage?
The newspaper gives us in-depth coverage, as the editorials and column writers can give us their expert views and analysis.
v) Why do some people read more than one newspaper?
Some people want to know different points of view related to a particular incident, for which they read more than one newspaper.
vi) How can readers give feedback to the newspaper articles?
Feedback to the news articles can be given by writing to the editor or the forum page. It can give the reader a great opportunity to compare and contrast the articles published in the newspaper.
vii) Which medium do you prefer for news? Why?

I prefer news in the newspaper, as it builds up the habit of reading which helps in improving my vocabulary as well as gives me chance to dig new ideas for my own writing.

Writing Skills

Q.1) Write a precis of paragraph 4.

Watching news on television includes less physical activity as compared to reading newspaper. It does not require any language proficiency, as news can be viewed as well as heard which makes it easier to understand. Furthermore, we can watch news all day long at our convenience. On the other hand, reading newspaper needs proficiency in language which is beyond everyone’s reach.

Q.2) Write a comparative essay on “The influence of electronic media on print media”. (220-250 words)
First, make an outline with the help of a mind map given below.


Media has played a vital role in promoting literature. In olden times, people used to carve stories on the stones. Those were later transformed onto pages. It became easier for the people to read the sculptures and knew about the happening around the world. With the passage of time, electronic media overtook the place of print media with a huge boom. Now people are addicted to electronic gadgets and e-reading.  This raises a question, “Is it really the end of print media?” 

According to a research, the amount of printed material used for recreational purposes has gone down whilst the use of TV and other electronic media, such as internet has gone up. This may indicate that electronic media is having a direct influence on print media. Children are being encouraged towards digital media because it is easier for parents due to its easy availability and cheap price. It gives the children exposure to every kind of information just on a click. This means that children will grow to love digital media whilst ignoring print media. This is going to affect the print media sector in the long run.

Print media is easier to use and read which may be why it has not sunk out of our society completely. But, the read availability, convenience and price of digital media means that it may soon replace print media permanently. Thousands of books can be carried along anywhere just by downloading them on a single click. Newspaper can be downloaded within seconds from the remotest corner of the world. It doesn’t need costly devices, but can be done with the finger tips on mobile phones, which almost every person can afford to buy these days. With the invention of Internet, a person in a different country can read news about his native country just by having an access to a computer or laptop.

There are chances that the paper can deteriorate with time and hence the records can get wiped out. Now that the storage is getting really cheap, it is easier to take multiple backups of data and thus archival is easier with an electronic media. It is easier to search for a file or image on a computer, than searching manually in cupboards. Information is available to people with the help of search engines. 

Last but not the least, electronic media is more environment friendly – the lesser the paper used, the lesser the trees that are chopped off. Hence, electronic media causes less damage to the nature. 

The reasons for the decline of print media popularity are unclear.  It cannot be argued that digital media is rising. It may be rising as it replaces printed media, or it may be pushing printed media out of the arena. I conclude that digital media is influencing print media.

Q.3) Hassan Raza is writing a letter of complaint to Mr Haq Nawaz, the Chairman of the Lahore Development Authority. The information in his letter is correct but the style is informal. Rewrite the letter in a formal style and include the phrases in the boxes below.


Dear Mr. HaqNawaz
I am writing to express my concern about the state of the road outside my house. It is in such a bad repair that yesterday, an old lady, Mrs. Nasim had recently faced misfortune and got the back wheel of her car stuck in one of the huge great pot-holes outside my gate. The situation was really upsetting that the workers from the garage were asked for taking out the car.
The most distressing situation occurs during rainy days, the potholes get flooded with water which creates hurdles for the people. Despite the fact that an inspection team from LDA has come to get a look over the bad condition of the road, still they took no constructive action against it.
I urge you to take appropriate action and send a repair team to repair the damaged road as soon as possible. Moreover, always be prepared for a better future and take immediate action regarding such situations.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully
Hasan Raza

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