Chapter – 4 little things Class 10 Notes

Chapter – 4 little things Class 10 Notes english for all board

Theme Reference

This poem is written by Julia Carney. The importance of small things is emphasized in the poem.


Nothing is insignificant in this material world. Even small things, which fail to claim and be important and fail to invite our attention, have an importance that cannot be ignored. In short, a soft-spoken word always creates an impression in the hearts of others. This will help build a harmonious society.


If something big is easy to understand and easy to understand, then small things demand detail.

Question and answer

Question 1 Write a little less than five lines out of your compassion, and what was the result?

Answer: Once a poor woman came to my house. He asked us for some money because his only son was in the hospital and he needed money to buy medicine for him. My mother did not believe his story but I presented my whole collection of the year which was 800 to 900 rupees. In return, the woman gave me so many prayers that I am very happy with my action.


Making fun – We should not make fun of the poor because they are human beings like us.

·         To make room – The conductor was trying to make room for the passengers inside the bus.

·         To make money – Most people spend their lives making money in addition to doing good deeds.

·         Making a mistake – Aslam is making a mistake by choosing Kurban as his partner.

·         To do make-up – I have made up my mind to go to England for higher education after matriculation exams.

Use of knitted

  • That house is made of bricks.
  • This cushion is made of foam rubber.
  • These machines are made of steel.


1. To make the most

  • Take full advantage of the situation
  • Sentence: He instructed me to use my bicycle for a month so that I could get the most out of it.

2. To meet both ends.

  • ·         Being able to live on someone’s income.
  • ·         Sentence: I had to take a part-time job to be able to do both.

3. Making water out of someone’s mouth

  • Which means: to make someone crave something, especially food.·         Sentence: As soon as we smelled food, it made our mouths water.