Lahore Board Class 10 English Notes Chapter 11

Matric (Science with Biology) Lahore Board Class 10 English Notes Chapter 11Great Expectations | Grade 10, according to Lahore Board syllabus Long and Short question, grammar, Mcqs, and Writing Skills.

Class 10 English Notes Chapter 11

i) Who looked after Pip after the death of his parents?
After the death of his parents, Pip was brought up by his sister and her husband, Joe.
ii) Who was Joe? How did he treat Pip?

Joe was the husband of Pip’s sister. He was very kind and warm-hearted who looked after Pip. He treated Pip as if he were his own son. He was Pip’s best friend.
iii) Why did Pip give food and drink to the prisoner?

Pip gave food and drink to the prisoner because he was kind-hearted and wanted to help the prisoner who had escaped from the prison.
iv) What happened to the prisoner?

The soldiers recaptured the prisoner and took him away. Later, he was sent to Australia with other convicts, where he became a wealthy farmer. Still, he was wanted by England police. They arrested him while he was getting on the ship and was sentenced to death by the judge. He died in prison before he was hanged.
v) Why did the prisoner support Pip?

The prisoner supported Pip because he didn’t forget Pip’s act of kindness. He wanted Pip to get advantages of education and money and become a better person. 
vi) What happened to the prisoner’s wealth after his death?
After the prisoner’s death, all his wealth was taken by Government. According to the law,  the money belonged to the Government.
vii) Do you know a person who achieved success in life through his hard work?

People do achieve success through their hard work. There was a young fellow, who was determined to work hard for CSS exams. His parents were not so well off. He studied harder and harder for exams all on his own and cleared the exams with gliding colors. Later, he made a good fortune.

Q.1) Write the character sketch of Pip with the help of mind map given.


Pip is the main character of the story “Great expectation” written by Charles Dickens. He was an orphan kid whose sister brought him up with the help of her husband, Joe. Joe treated him as if he were his own child. Pip was a kind-hearted and hardworking boy.

He was poor but very kind. He helped the prisoner who escaped the prison by providing him with food and drink. That act of kindness became his tool for better education. The prisoner started sending him money anonymously for his education.  But he did not rely on that money and worked hard himself. The prisoner died after some time and his wealth was confiscated by the Government. Pip got a job as a clerk in an insurance company, where he made a good friendship with an agent and lived with him.

Through his hard work and dedication towards his studies and job, he achieved success. He became the business partner of his friend in the firm. He got accomplishment due to his kindheartedness and hard work.

Q.2) Write a review of any story that you have read with the help of following mind map.

Name of Book:____________________________________________________

Author’s Name:____________________________________________________

Major Characters (and a description of each one):







Summary of the story:________________________________________________






Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

Pip(Hero of the story): He was an orphan kid, brought up by his sister and her husband. He was a kind-hearted and hardworking person. He helped the prisoner who escaped from the prison and achieved education through his own hard work.

Pip Sister: She is the one who brought him up after his parent’s death. She was often very strict and bad with him.

Joe: Joe is Pip’s sister’s husband who helped his wife in bringing up the child, Pip. He was a kind-hearted man who treated Pip as if he were his own child. He was Pip’s best friend.

Prisoner: He is the supporting character who was kind towards Pip. Pip gave him some food. This act of kindness made the prisoner very happy that he started sending money to Pip anonymously for his education. Later, he was sentenced to death by the court and his wealth was taken by Government.

Setting: The story takes place in England in the 19th century.

Summary Of the story: Pip was a lonely orphan boy, brought up by his sister and her husband, Joe. He was a very kind and hardworking boy. He helped the prisoner who has escaped from the prison with food and water. The prisoner was very happy with Pip and sent him money regularly. Pip didn’t rely on the money and kept on doing his hard work. He started his education in London. He shifted to a place where he lived with a young friend. After sometimes, the prisoner was convicted to Australia where he earned lots of money. He came back to London. He was still wanted by the police. Pip and his friend wanted to escape him abroad safely. So, Pip along with the prisoner set on a trip, but the police recaptured the prisoner. He was sentenced to death. All his money was taken by the government. He died his natural death. Pip started working as a clerk at his friend’s insurance firm. Due to his hard work, he became part owner of the company. Hence, his hard and honest work helped him succeed.

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