Cass 10 Note Chapter 18 Inheritors

Cass 10 Note Chapter 18 Inheritors

Cass 10 Note Chapter 18 Inheritors
Cass 10 Note Chapter 18 Inheritors

Question 1: What property did the two brothers inherit from their father and what were the Azam’s suggestions regarding the division of property?

Answer: After his father’s death, his father received a cow, a palm tree, a tree and a blanket. Azam, the elder brother advised that the front part of the cow, the upper part of the palm tree and the blanket from sunset to morning belong to him.

Where the majesty was allotted with the back of the cow, at the bottom of the tree and with the blanket during the day.

Q.2 Why did Moazzam agree with the division?

The answer was that Moazzam was an innocent and straightforward boy and agreed to this division because Azam had cleverly presented the useless part of the property as better people. Moreover, he was sure that whatever his brother distributed would be beneficial for both of them.

Question 3  Who fed the cows and who fed them? And why didn’t Azam give dates to Muazzam?

Answer: According to the agreement between Azam and Mu’azzam, Mu’azzam fed the cow because the front part belonged to him and Azam got milk because his back part belonged to him. Azam did not give dates to Azam because the fruitful part of the tree belongs to Azam.

Q.4 How did Moazzam teach his elder brother a lesson?

Answer: After the advice of an old man, Moazzam wisely thwarted Azam’s plans. While Azam was milking the cow, he started hitting the head of the cow with a stick. While Azam was picking dates from the tree, he started cutting the tree with an axe. Mom did. In this way, Moazzam was able to teach his brother a lesson.

Question 5 What is the ethics of legislation “animators”?

The moral of the answer lesson is that there is no basis for falsehood to stand. We must be pragmatic in our dealings and we can respond wisely. We have to follow the advice of our elders because their advice is like gold.

Question 6 Mo. Outline the character of Moazzam?

The answer was a very simple and trustworthy boy. He never works hard. Obedience and innocence were also part of His Majesty’s nature.

Question 7 Outline the role of Azam?

Answer: Azam was a united and selfish man. As an elder, he had an orderly style. He has always been in favour of cunning and falsehood. There was also laziness in his character.

Q8. How did Azam deceive Muazzam?

Answer: Being selfish and cunning, Azam took advantage of his simplicity in taking every beneficial part of the inheritance. He flew cow’s milk, tree fruit and blankets for himself at night and gave Mozam the useless and necessary part for work.

Question 9. What effect did the old man’s advice have on Moazzam?

Answer: On the advice of the old man, the fact came to light that he was being deceived by the cunning of his elder brother. The old man made him realize that Azam was taking advantage of the legacy. Being obedient, Azam accepted the old man’s advice and wisely responded to his brother’s cunning.

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