Sindh Class 10 English Notes Chapter 6 King Faisal

King Faisal Sindh Class 10 English Notes Chapter 6 Sindh Textbook board Education in Karachi solved exercises, MCQs, important questions, grammar, chapter overview, and Reading Comprehension.

From whom did he receive religious education?

King Faisal received religious education from his maternal grandfather Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Latif.

When was Faisal made the King?

After the death of King Abdul Aziz, King Faisal’s elder brother holds the responsibility of the kingdom whereas Faisal was made the Crown Prince and Prime minister in 1958. In the year 1964, his elder brother King Sa’ud fell seriously ill and then Faisal was selected as the King with the mutual acceptance by the Council of Ministers.

How did Faisal rule Saudi Arabia?

After becoming the King and holding the responsibility of the kingdom, Faisal ruled Saudi Arabia wisely and justly so to provide maximum benefits and comfort to his people for their peaceful living.

How did he develop his country?

King Faisal did great work to develop his country. It is due to his efforts that Arabia excelled in the field of irrigation and cultivation, education, medicine and industry. Under his influence, new factories and mills were established and great advancement was made in industry. King Faisal keenly focused on the education sector of his country thus a number of schools were opened where education is free for all. That’s not all; various universities were set up where apart from free education, awards and stipends are also granted to meet the growing needs of the students. One can easily find a great number of hospitals and dispensaries working efficiently in the whole of Arabia. King Faisal being a kind-hearted person always helped the needy and the poor of his country and side by side provided many facilities to the pilgrims who visit his Kingdom for the sacred practice of Hajj or Umrah.

What were the feelings of King Faisal about Pakistan?

King Faisal always had great feelings about Pakistan. He was an earnest friend and well-wisher of the people of Pakistan. He was ever ready to help Pakistan in any time of need such as natural disasters etc. He whole-heartedly helped the people of Pakistan on a number of occasions. King Faisal was the one who felt quite sorrowful over the separation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan.

Why was King Faisal against the State of Israel?

King Faisal was a religious person and loved to practice the principles of Islam to the maximum. Due to his genuine affection towards his religion, he was against the State of Israel as it always ill treated the Arabs and reflected its animosity towards the kingdom every now and then.

What did Faisal do for the Arabs in their war against Israel?

King Faisal fortified the Arabs in their war against Israel wholly and truly. Being a compassionate person, he always felt grieved over the brutal acts of Israel taken in the sacred land of Iraq against the innocent Muslims. When Israelites set the Al- Aqsa Mosque on fire, he became deeply saddened. He made every possible effort to get back the Arab territories under the illegal occupation of Israel.

When did King Faisal die?

King Faisal received an unjust treatment from one of his malicious nephew, who being blind with the radiance of riches and crown killed the great King Faisal on 25thMarch, 1975. He spent 68 years of his life with comfort and simplicity and served his people for 17 years with sincerity, justice and truthfulness and thus gained respect and admiration.

How did the Muslims feel over his death?

The Muslims all over the world mourned his death as if someone near and dear to them died in their own family. They considered King Faisal as a vigorous member of their family due to his cooperative, friendly and kind nature.


B. Learn the spellings and meanings of the following words from the lesson and use ten of them in sentences of your own:
late; education; maternal; affairs; govern; later on; several; gain; resign; devoted; according to; progress; develop; pilgrim; unity; effort; spread; network; assault.


late term used for the one who died
education the process of receiving or giving systematic  instruction, especially at a school or university.
maternal related through the mother’s side of the family.
affairs an event or sequence of events of a specified kind  or that has previously been referred to.
govern conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (a state,  organization, or people) with authority.
later on after some time
several more than two but not many.
gain obtain or secure (something wanted or desirable)
resign voluntarily leave a job or office
devoted very loving or loyal
according to as stated by or in.
progressdevelopment towards an improved or more advanced condition.
develop grow or cause to grow and become more mature,  advanced, or elaborate
pilgrim a person who journeys to a sacred place for  religious reasons.
unity the state of being united or joined as a whole.
effort a vigorous or determined attempt.
spreadextend over a large or increasing area
network a group or system of interconnected people or  things
assault make a physical attack on.
educationOur young people need education and more organized activities.
maternalMy maternal grandfather was a very kind and caring person.
severalThey lived in Spain for several years. 
resignMomin suggested that Maryam should resign from her current job  and find another one.
devotedMy mother devoted her entire adult life to raising her four children.
progress We all have to work hard for the progress and development of our  nation.
developHis reading skills will develop a little more quickly now that he is getting extra attention.
unityUnity is strength.
effort He made an effort to pass the examination. 
spreadUzma spread some strawberry jam on a slice of bread.


C. Make nouns from the following words.
born, educate, resign, move, rule, govern, serve, visit, die, develop.
Example: born — birth.




D. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the words given in the lesson:

1. Faisal started taking interest in the affairs of the State.
2. He received religious education from his maternal grandfather,
3. He helped his father in governing the country.
4. He was made governor of Hijaz when he was only twenty.
5. Later on, he served as the Saudi Foreign Minister.
6. He also had the opportunity of holding the command of the Armed Forces of his country.
7. After the death of King Abdul Aziz his elder son Sa’ud became the King.
8. Faisal was made the Crown Prince and Prime Minister in 1958.
9. Saudi Arabia was in serious difficulties at that time.
10. Faisal used his wisdom and intelligence to overcome these difficulties.

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E. Passage for dictation:

King Faisal had a strong wish to unite the Muslims of the world and did his best to bring the Muslims living in the different countries close together. His services in making the Muslims conscious of the need for brotherhood can never be forgotten.

Note: It’s only for dictation, no exercise to be done.


F. Composition:

1. Write ten lines about King Faisal.

King Faisal
1. King Faisal was born in 1907 in the influential family of King Abdul Aziz Ibne Sa’ud.
2. He was lucky enough to receive religious education from his maternal grandfather.
3. Due to his intellect, he was made Governor of Hijaz at a very young age of twenty.
4. After the death of his father and illness of his elder brother, he became the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1964.
5. During his reign, the Kingdom flourished to a great extent in the field of medicine, industry, education and irrigation.
6. He had a strong desire to unite all the Muslim countries of the world and for that he did his best to bring the Muslim nations close to one another.
7. He was a kind-hearted person that’s why he always used to help the poor and needy people of the Kingdom.
8. King Faisal was a sincere and true friend of Pakistan.
9. He was against the state of Israel due to its brutal actions taken in the land of Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria etc.
10. He died on 25th March, 1975 in an assault by one of his shrewd nephew.

2. Write ten lines of King Faisal’s efforts to unite the Muslims.

1. King Faisal’s efforts are always remembered by all the Muslim nations of the world.
2. He had a strong desire to create unity among Muslims.
3. His prime objective was to unite Muslims on one platform.
4. He was of the opinion that the one and only solution to the problems which the Muslims world is currently facing lies in the unity among the Muslims.
5. He put emphasis on the need of brotherhood among the Muslims.
6. He gave the idea and practically holds the Islamic Summit conferences in which all the problems were discussed at Length.
7. He always supported the Muslims at their hard times which created an exemplary effect on the Muslims.
8. The best example is his continuous struggle against the Israeli occupation of the Arab Territories.
9. He showed great concern towards the problems and difficulties of the Muslim nations and always stepped forward to provide best solution to them.
10.He selected the right path in order to save the Muslims from desolation planned by the West.


G. Non-textual Exercises:
Earlier, later, the earliest, the latest, as adverbs.

1. Earlier, he was made governor.
2. Later, he served as Foreign Minister.
3.Shops open at 9 o’clock at the earliest.
4.They close at 8 o’clock at the latest.

Insert one of the adverbs in brackets.

1. I can come by 6 o’clock at the (earlier, earliest).
2. He must be back home by 6 o’clock at the (latest, later).
3. (Later, latest) they settled along the banks of rivers.
4. (Earlier, earliest) they wandered from place to place.

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