Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER No 14

 Physics Notes Chapter No 14 CURRENT ELECTRICITY

New Shams Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER NO 14 CURRENT ELECTRICITY Physics Notes for X example, short and long question, Comprehensive Question, Assignment, Notes, Handwriting Notes, Exercise,  Numerical Problems & conceptual question. 10 class Notes pdf full view.

Shams 2020 Notes chapter -14 full pdf downward.  Notes for Current Electricity chapter  of class 12 physics  up to date notes Federal board and govt boar.   

Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER No 14
Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER No 14

physics notes for class 10 kpk board

  • BISE Dera Ismail Khan Dera Ismail Khan District 
  • BISE Abbottabad Haripur District, Abbottabad District, Mansehra District, Battagram District and Kohistan District, Pakistan, 
  • BISE Bannu Lakki Marwat District North Waziristan, South Waziristan 
  • BISE Kohat District 
  • BISE Malakand  Malakand District 
  • BISE Mardan Mardan District 
  • BISE Peshawar Peshawar District, Charsadda District, Chitral District 
  • BISE Swat

Major concepts

  •  Electric current and conventional current
  •  Potential difference and e.m.f
  •  Ohm’s law
  •  Specific resistance
  •  Conductors and insulators
  •  Combination methods of resistors
  •  Electric energy and joule’s law
  •  Electric power
  •  DC and AC current
  •  Hazards of electricity and safety devices
  •  Solution of problems

Comprehensive Question,

  1. Question 1: Define electric current. In what unit it is measured? Explain the mechanism of the flow of current through a conductor:
  2. Question: 2 Define compass needle, magnetic field and electromagnetism?
  3. Question : 3 Discuss magnetic field due to current. Describe an experiment to show that the steady current carrying wire produce a magnet field  around. What is the direction of this magnetic filed?
  4. Question : 4 What are magnetic lines of force? Represent the field pattern of a bar magnet by lines of force.
  5. Question : 5 State the right hand rule of electromagnetism. Illustrate by a diagram.

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Physics Notes Chapter No -14 


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