Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER No 14

 Physics Notes Chapter No 14 CURRENT ELECTRICITY

New Shams Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER NO 14 CURRENT ELECTRICITY Physics Notes for X example, short and long question, Comprehensive Question, Assignment, Notes, Handwriting Notes, Exercise,  Numerical Problems & conceptual question. 10 class Notes pdf full view.

Shams 2020 Notes chapter -14 full pdf downward.  Notes for Current Electricity chapter of class 12 physics up to date notes Federal board and govt boar.   

physics notes for class 10 kpk board

  • BISE Dera Ismail Khan Dera Ismail Khan District 
  • BISE Abbottabad Haripur District, Abbottabad District, Mansehra District, Battagram District and Kohistan District, Pakistan, 
  • BISE Bannu Lakki Marwat District North Waziristan, South Waziristan 
  • BISE Kohat District 
  • BISE Malakand  Malakand District 
  • BISE Mardan Mardan District 
  • BISE Peshawar Peshawar District, Charsadda District, Chitral District 
  • BISE Swat

Major concepts

  •  Electric current and conventional current
  •  Potential difference and e.m.f
  •  Ohm’s law
  •  Specific resistance
  •  Conductors and insulators
  •  Combination methods of resistors
  •  Electric energy and joule’s law
  •  Electric power
  •  DC and AC current
  •  Hazards of electricity and safety devices
  •  Solution of problems

Comprehensive Question,

  1. Question 1: Define electric current. In what unit it is measured? Explain the mechanism of the flow of current through a conductor:
  2. Question: 2 Define compass needle, magnetic field, and electromagnetism?
  3. Question : 3 Discuss the magnetic field due to current. Describe an experiment to show that the steady current-carrying wire produces a magnetic field around. What is the direction of this magnetic field?
  4. Question: 4 What are magnetic lines of force? Represent the field pattern of a bar magnet by lines of force.
  5. Question: 5 State the right-hand rule of electromagnetism. Illustrate by a diagram.

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Physics Notes Chapter No -14 

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