Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 12

Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 12 Three Days to See Daffodils Matric (Science with Biology) Lahore Board, Punjab board | Grade 9 Short & long question.

Q.1) Who was Helen Keller?

Helen Keller was a woman who, due to an illness, became deaf and blind when she was 19 months old. She was a remarkable woman who has many publications to her credit.

Q.2) Describe the thought expressed by the author in the first paragraph.

The author expressed her thought in the first paragraph that it would be an excellent rule to live each day as if we were going to die tomorrow. Such an attitude would emphasize the value of life.

Q.3) What makes you feel that the author is sad and depressed?

I feel that the author is sad and depressed when she asked her friend about any notable thing which she has observed while walking in the woods and her friend replied “nothing.” She is sad and depressed because people who are blessed with the sense of sight just ignore the beauty of nature around them, instead of appreciating it in a true sense.

Q.4) How do you get an impression that Hellen Keller was a great admirer of Nature?

Hellen Keller was a great admirer of nature. We get this impression when she admired the rising sun and the pageant of the seasons and trees. 


Q.5) People who are deprived of sight not devoid of imagination. Discuss, referring to the text.

The author is deprived not only of sight but also hearing. These weaknesses didn’t hinder her imagination. She is still having a better imagination. She can still see the thrilling miracle by which night is transformed into day.  

Q.6) “To me the pageant of seasons is an unending drama”, Comment.

In this line, the author describes the interest she has in the endless changes of nature. 

Q.A) What does the author mean by saying the seeing see little Explain in a paragraph

The five senses play a significant role in the life of an individual. But there are occasions when a person blessed with eyesight ignores the exquisiteness of the natural world around him. It is also possible that a person who is having a good sense of hearing may not pay attention to the sweet singing of the birds. This all happens because such individuals take these blessings for granted without giving them much weight.

The author means by saying “the seeing sees little” that the ones who are blessed with the sense of sight mostly do not take into account the splendor around them, they are unable to notice the different hues and forms of the clouds or the transformation of night into a daytime with the rising of the golden sun. On the other hand, those who cannot see with their eyes have the power to see with their hearts by using the extraordinary sense of touch.

Considering both the above cases, we should be thankful to Allah Almighty for the blessings he has bestowed us.


Q.B) What is the epicurean motto? Discuss.

The epicurean motto is “eat, drink and be merry” It is also known as hedonism, the philosophy of good living. The epicurean motto was presented by Epicurus who was a Greek philosopher, famous for denying the existence of God and life after death. The focal point of the epicurean motto was “fine living.”

It stresses on the subject matter of just eating good and living a cheerful life without any tension and worries. According to him, we should live our life to its fullest as we are not sure to see the dawn of the following day with our eyes. He further said that we should enjoy each and every instant of our lives as no one knows that what will happen if he dies the next moment.

Q.C) Write a paragraph on the difficulties of a special child.

Allah has blessed every single individual with five basic senses, whereas there are a number of people on this earth who cannot enjoy all five. Some are deaf, some blind, some handicapped etc but it does not mean that they think themselves as useless beings, as an alternative they are blessed with some other qualities which make them SPECIAL in a true sense.

‘Special Child’ is the terminology that speaks for itself meaning by such a child is very special and needs special attention from the people associated or concerned about him/her. Children with severe special needs consume enormous amounts of time, energy, and money of their parents.

The society we are living in considers special children a burden on the parents’ shoulders. A special child has to face a number of difficulties to survive and prove him a constructive member of the society. One of the major difficulties that come in the way of normal living of a special child is the weird, sarcastic looks of the people when he moves into the society. Secondly, the problem of getting “Education” is of considerable importance as there are a few first-class schools which are imparting quality education to the special children.


Even if special children succeed in the field of education, the next step to reach to the top of the mountain of their success is getting a good and appropriate job for themselves.

Later in life, marriage is another complexity that stands in the way of a special child when he/she grows up. 

As a matter of fact, the life of a special child is really hard to lead but Allah Almighty loves His creations more than 70 mothers that’s why He never lets them down at any cost.

Q.D) Read any of these texts written by Hele Keller and write a book review

  1. The story of my life
  2. The world i live in

“The Story of My Life” is a spectacular piece of literature written by a very respectable and legendary figure Helen Keller.

The book is a true picture of determination and enthusiasm demonstrated by a deaf and blind person to lead a successful life. Helen was very much impressed by her first teacher Anne Sullivan. She shared her life experiences that how difficult it is for a special child to lead a life under stress. The book has two sections; the first part is related to her earlier life experiences whereas the second part contains the letters written by Helen Keller to her beloved ones during 1887 – 1901. The book is an inspirational source especially for the ones who are special by any means.


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