Islamiat notes for class 11 Islamic identity

Islamic identity Islamiat notes for class 11 pdf download now chapter 2 for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa textbook board Peshawar class 11 2021. BBC visit now:

Islamic identity 1st Year Notes

What are the pillars of Islam? What is the role
of prayer in the character building of an individual
and the construction of a society?

Islamiat notes for class 11 Islamic identity

Pillars of Islam:
The Arabic word Arkan is plural of Rukn which means “PILLAR OF A
BUILDING”. As a term of the Divine code of life (Shariat), a Rukn means the
fundamental pillar-on which the entire building of Islam is elevated and
supported. If any pillar of the building is disturbed and a bondsman leaves it
then the building collapsed.

In other words, if any fundamental article is denied or not followed then the
person responsible for such negligence is expelled from Islam.
According to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), the building of Islam is erected on five
To recite the pious word Kalima Tayyaba and to believe it by heart.
To establish prayers (five times a day preferably in congregation especially

in a mosque).
To pay Zakat
To perform Hajj (pilgrimage)

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