DIT 2nd Semester Project

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education D.I.T 2nd semester Year 2020.


A report submitted to the Board of Technical Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa As partial fulfillment of requirements For the award of Diploma of information and technology.


TO Our dearest parents Who Motivate, support and encourage us In every aspect of our life.


First, we pray to almighty Allah, Who gave us the power, persistence, and proficiency to complete this venture. Darood-O-Salam to the prophet (Sullulaho Halaih Hey wasallam) for whose sale God Gracious created this universe.

We are also very grateful to all other individuals who contributed to the preparation of this project. We thank our most respectable teacher ‘Sir Azhar Nizami’ for his valuable guidance throughout the project.

Next, we are very indebted to the management of our venerated institute (Institute of Computer Languages) for their support and guidance. Especially we express our gratitude to Azhar Nizami (Director institute of computer languages) for his encouragement and lots of attention.

This piece of acknowledgments will be certainly incomplete if we don’t mention the up-to-mark guideline, cooperation, and support of our teachers who provided us every bit of information that was requested.

Finally, we give immeasurable thanks to our friends because much of the value of this text is due to their support. But we alone bear the responsibility of any error that remains between the covers.



  • As the usage of internet is increasing day-by-day. Most products (software or hardware ) provide online help for their customers by making a website that will help them to understand the different features of the product and troubleshooting.
  • The aim of this project is to design a website which will help the Inpage users to easily understand the installation process and use of different tools.
  • With the help of images it is easy to understand the procedure to set a new page  or change the language in which document will be created  
  • The website also allow the user to download or buy the software online .
  • This project also has ‘About Us’ Pages which show the information about the designer & developer as well as the institute in which they are studying.

Software used:

Adobe Dream Weaver cs5 & Adobe Photoshop were used for the creation of this project.

System requirement :

Any operating system that supports the following browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and IE 10 )or the latest version of any browser And Adobe shockwave player.

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