70 Years of Freedom Achievements and Failures

70 Years of Freedom Achievements and Failures


In every field of life, Pakistan is

The foreign affairs of Pakistan are good with his neighbours and other countries. Pakistan also has Diplomatic relations with the world. Pakistan is a member of the UN and places a Good Position in the UN.

Pakistan starts efforts in the field of bilateral trade with his neighbour and also with other countries.

When a country is stable from external affairs and internal extremism that is Political instability so there are a lot of investors who are ready to invest their money to develop that country and also make a profit for themselves.

Five are things for country development.

  • Technology
  • Aid
  • Investment
  • Trade
  • Economy

If we talk about technology so Pakistan has no technology such as in the field of Vehicles, Machinery, aircraft, fighting Jets, no advanced Computer Technology, etc.

Pakistan takes a lot from the IMF and World Bank and also takes a lot of aid from foreign Agencies and Gulf Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. so Pakistan is not in the position to give aid.

If a country has a stable economy and has a well and sound environment inside the country it is going towards happiness and prosperity. A country is running when its industries and agriculture sector is running. Alhamdulillah, this is a good sign for the agriculture sector of Pakistan as well. Pakistan’s industries play a good role in the national economy. Such as the textile industry and steel industry

If we talk about the tourism Department, that is also good and plays a good role in the economy but they need the minister’s attention. Pakistan has beautiful and attractive natural sites in the northern area of Pakistan.

Today Pakistan has good infrastructure beautiful roads and buildings are making such as motorways, highways,

CPEC the game changer project of Pakistan ever.

If we talk about power and electricity so there are some mistakes but Pakistan has the power to Generate much electricity the government of Pakistan produces more and more dams and mega projects of power on a solar project the work is also on progress.

Pakistan needs proper planning for the population and makes well policies to eradicate poverty in the country. The government should increase the budget for the sake of research based studies. Pakistan should highlight the Kashmir issue on international forums.

Government has the responsibility to aware the public about the issue and help them to overcome those issues and facilitate them in a critical situation. This is a good sign for the integrity and sovereignty of the country.

If we talk about the media so the media is free in our country this is good but also bad because the media shows every kind of news and programs which causes some psychological problems in people especially in the uneducated sector of the country as they don’t know what is this? And what does it mean for? So

National security is very important if there are peace and harmony in a state, a nation can go onward and complete for the rest of the world and every walk of life. Another thing for state progress is to stop the smuggling of Drugs/heroines and other narcotics things that are fully destroying the youth of a nation. This is also written in the constitution of Pakistan so serious action shall be taken against and make a sure investigation about this issue.

Pakistan needs a skilled education and also provides youth with logical and critical studies.

If we talk about


The Government has a responsibility to make good and Clean Hospitals and make sure a good treatment at the low cost that no one pays high charges. The government must open research laboratories for checking and diagnosing the disease and taking proper steps for preventing them.

Drinking clean water is another failure of Pakistan. In many metropolitan cities of Pakistan, there is a lack of availability of clean water Karachi, Islamabad, etc. Pollution is another challenge for the central and provisional Government.

Managerial and administration work must be checked. Some are the issue present in Pakistan that is

  • unjustice,
  • child labour,
  • high taxes,
  • different mafia groups 
  • law and order situation
  • unemployment
  • corruption
  • biases

There is a lack of check and balance on government and private Institutions; the central and provincial Government must bring reforms in both levels and make new policies because time and environment are now changed. The government must give attention to rural areas for their development not just for the sake of education but also for infrastructure health and give them opportunities to bring them up.

Make sure that employment and recruitment are purely on merit basis in case no political interference is involved. 

Our Economy is suffered from an internal political dispute

The government must ask the minister of public hospitals, doctors and cleanliness of buildings. As written in constitutions that basic Need is the right of every citizen so the government of Pakistan should make sure of all these fundamental rights.

Pakistan has suffered from extremism from the last 16 years so senior officials should ask about it.

If we talk about import and export Pakistan import medical equipment from European countries such as Semmens, John’s and John’s, LG, etc. to look at this sentence Pakistan gives attention to technical education.

In the end every department makes sure that what they are doing is under the shade of QURAN and SUNNAH and after that the shade of the constitution of Pakistan.