What is self-esteem and how is it created?

What is self-esteem and how is it created?

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Self-confidence means self-confidence. Realize your abilities and rely on your strengths. We can’t do many things without self-confidence.

Today’s youth in particular lack self-confidence. After completing their education, everyone wants to get a good job. If there are no signs of finding a job, they stubbornly ask their parents for money to start their own business. Most parents do not trust their children and do not provide them with money to run their own business. On the other hand, of the few young people whose family members trust and give them money, about 99% fail.

There are two main reasons for this failure. The first reason is self-confidence in these young people. Lack and another important reason is inexperience. If you look, the biggest reason for the lack of trust is parents. From birth to adolescence, children are prevented from doing anything and are made to believe that you cannot do it. You are not eligible.

These are not your times. You are a child now. You do not know all these things. Most parents do not even pay their children a fair price for fear that the child will lose money. Parents do not trust their abilities.

 All of this lowers children’s self-esteem. They are always looking for help from others. They do not believe they can do anything without help. They begin to realize that they will not succeed unless someone is with them. Most people are looking for a partner before starting a business. They will all work together and make a profit. We will share equally in the loss. Today, very few people come forward as the sole employer. Even in partnership, if the business is successful, people with effective experience become the owners of the entire business by deceiving other stakeholders. Are free from

Another major reason for the lack of self-confidence in children is educational institutions. Children are not allowed to build trust in our schools. The teacher has made them poor by giving them a special job. I asked most students to translate a particular sentence into English so that they could translate what the teacher taught them.

They do not know right from wrong. And the biggest tragedy is that most of the teachers in our private educational institutions have such a low standard of education that they do not even know the basics. That they have believed it all their lives. Children are not given jobs that will boost their confidence. We fear to kidnap

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