What are the ways to get website keywords into the homepage?

The small editor found that the keyword in the SEO diagnosis is the SEO information station related to website optimization in Shanghai SEO Shanghai. This method is used to successfully optimize the homepage.

It is estimated that many SEO optimization websites have encountered these problems, and then it is necessary to explain how the website enters the home page.
In fact, your website is unable to access the home page for the following reasons: If you do the following, your website will not be able to access the home page.
1, the reason one: basic optimization, tdk, server optimization, etc. did not reach the location
2, Reason 2: The keyword density on the homepage is not enough, increase the keyword density. If you don’t know the keyword density, you must first learn the basics of SEO.
Optimization method, use the words on the home page to update the article or add keywords at the bottom of the head.
3. Reason 3: There is an important algorithm in the Baidu algorithm, namely the click algorithm. In the meantime, let your friends enter your website and add algorithms. (This is not much, I think, a lot)
4. Reason 4: Adjust the homepage. In fact, your site is eligible to participate in the homepage ranking. Your home page may have a request point that does not satisfy the user. Demand, fine-tuning the home page to meet this need.

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