Ways to get rid of anxiety

Will your frequent outings make our stop quicker? Hearing this did not lessen his anxiety – when I asked him he said that they are both real brothers and are going to Indus Hospital to see his elder brother who is very sick – they all live separately but Sickness, sadness, joy, and Eid-ul-Baqara come together on the occasion of Eid – in a short time their desired stop came and the two brothers got off the bus and walked towards the hospital –

I began to think that when my parents died I was so upset that I became very ill and had to take time off from my office – when I returned to the office a few days later, an elderly man in the office Speaking of work – he said, “Instead of just worrying about any kind of problem, we should try to get rid of it – for example, if someone is sick, get them treated – if If someone has died, arrange for a shroud burial – if someone is financially distressed, that is, if someone’s daughter is getting married, help her financially, etc., etc. – do not just sit and be upset and Make your own health worse – as

one elder puts it, “Troubles come from thoughts, not circumstances.”

If, despite all efforts, matters are not being resolved, do not put the sacks of your worries in front of you, but present them to Allah Almighty and pray, “O Almighty, these are my great problems, they are not being solved by me.” Yes, I have brought it before you. You solve it. Allah will solve it. Only faith and certainty should be perfect m. 

The Almighty needs a “who” – that is

, when the Almighty intends something, He gives it a “who” meaning “to be”.And that thing happens –

perfect faith in Allah is the blessing before which even the heads of kings bow down – according to the poet, by

creating faith, O foolish faith comes to the hand

of the dervishes to whom one bows down