Visit the zoo Essay

 Visit the zoo Essay

A zoo is a place where we have a collection of different animals. The Lahore Zoo is an old institution with a large number of animals. The mall is located near Jinnah Garden. In fact, it is part of a garden surrounded by an iron fence. It has a huge iron gate that allows visitors to come at certain times of the day. Inside are grass plots and artificial hills on which green plants grow.

I, along with some of my friends, went to the zoo last Monday. Paying an entrance fee of Rs. 50 each, we went inside. As I walked, I saw that the zoo was divided into different sections, each with a specific type of animal.

There are lions, bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, monkeys, zebras, and elephants. There are also many kinds of birds in cages, such as; Parrots, birds, pigeons, and peacocks. In the ponds, there are waterfalls like cranes, ducks, and geese.

All animals are well cared for. Cages and traps are spacious and airy. They are kept clean. Monkey cages attract large crowds. Monkeys are very playful and funny. They make faces at the viewers.

The peacock’s dance was simply charming. There are more birds than aliens. We were delighted with their bright colors and sweet chirping. Lions move rapidly down in their iron enclosures. They sometimes roar like thunder and frighten those who come. We soon got tired and returned home.


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