The achievements of these two brothers are so intertwined that they can be written under the same title. The two are presented together in this article. Wolverright was born in Melville, Indiana in 1867. His brother and Willie Wright Dayton (Ohio) were born in 1871. Both boys went on to high school. However, no one was able to get a diploma.
The two brothers had a God-given essence of mechanics. Both were interested in the subject of human flight. In 1892, they opened a shop selling, repairing and manufacturing bicycles. This led them to pursue their passion for aviation. He read the writings of other aviation experts with great interest.
Such as Otollenthal, Octavocheniot and Samuel P. Lange. In 1899, he started working on the subject of aviation himself. After four years of hard work till December 1903, he became very successful.
It is amazing how the Wright Brothers succeeded, when so many others in the same field failed. There were many reasons for their success.
The first was that there are two better than one. They always worked together and stayed connected to each other in perfect harmony. The second reason was that they made a very wise decision that they would own an airplane They will learn to fly on their own before preparing. It seems a bit contradictory. How can one learn to fly without an airplane? The answer is that the Wright brothers first learned to fly gliders.

He started with gliders and kites in 1899.

The following year, he brought a large glider (which could withstand the weight of a man) to Katie Hawk in North Carolina and tested it. It was not satisfactory. He developed and flew another large glide in 1901. I flew the third glider. This third glider was based on some of his most important inventions (some of his inventions, which were applied in 1903, are related to the same glider as his first powerful ship).
In the third glider, he made more than a thousand successful flights.
Before building his powerful airplane, he had become one of the best and most experienced pilots in the world.
His veteran practice in glider flights provided the basis for his success.
Most of the people who first tried to build an airplane would be worried about how it would lift its wheels off the ground and fly through the air. The Wright brothers rightly realized that this was the real problem. How to keep it high in the air? So they spent most of their time and energy trying to find a way to keep the ship balanced and stable in the air.
They succeeded in inventing a way to control their ship with a three-axis system. The Wright brothers made several additions to the wings.
He soon realized that in the past, printed statements on the same subject were unreliable. He built his own separate air box. I succeeded.
From which he explained how the air pressure on the “feather” depends on the structure of the “feather”. With this information, he was able to determine the structure of the wings of his plane.
In spite of all these successes, the Wright Brothers would never have achieved complete success if they had not appeared at the right moment in history. Attempts to fly airplanes were inevitably failing in the first half of the nineteenth century.
Steam engines weighed much more than this energy. It was born from a young age. This was the era when the Wright brothers came to the fore.
However, in-house engines that were in common use used them to generate the energy needed to fly airplanes.
It seemed that no one could afford to build an engine that weighed less than the energy produced then. The Wright brothers built an engine themselves with the help of a mechanic. It was an example of one’s ingenuity, that although he paid relatively little attention to the design of the engine, he was still able to produce a high-end engine that was beyond the reach of the highest minds of the time. ۔
They also made the fans for the ship themselves. The fans he used in 1903 were 66 percent efficient.
The first flight took place at Devil Hill near Katy Hawk in North Carolina on December 17, 1903. On that day, the two brothers flew two dodos.
The last flight was made by Wilburite, which lasted 59 seconds and covered a distance of 852 feet. His plane, which he named “Flyer 1” (and today we know it as “Katie Hawk”). It was made for less dollars.
It was 40 feet long and weighed about 750 pounds. It had a 12 horsepower engine that weighed only 170 pounds.
The plane is still preserved at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., although there were five witnesses to the flight. Few newspapers reported it (which was mostly inaccurate). The local newspaper in Ohio (Dayton) completely ignored it. In fact, it took people five years to generally believe that human flight was possible.
After flying in Katie Hawk, he returned to Dayton, where he built the new aircraft Flyer 2, in which he flew 105 flights in 1904. However, they did not gain public attention. In the case of the Flyer 3, a better and more practical aircraft was built in 1905. Although they flew several times in Dayton, no one could believe that the airplane had been invented. ۔
In 1906, the Herald Tribune’s Paris-based newspaper published an article on the Wright Brothers entitled “Flyer’s Orliers”.
In 1908, the Wright Brothers put an end to these public suspicions. Wilbur Wright arrived in France aboard a ship.
During this time, O’Rourke Wright continued to hold similar public demonstrations in the United States. Unfortunately, his ship crashed to the ground on September 17, 1908. This was the only serious loss he suffered. One passenger was killed. He and Valley broke one leg and two ribs, but later recovered.
By then, its successful flights had persuaded the US government to sign a contract with it to supply aircraft for its war zone.
In 1909, the national budget allocated ہزار 30,000 for military aviation. At one point, the Wright brothers and their rivals sued over the rights to the invention. However, in 1914, the court ruled in their favor. Meanwhile, Wilbur Wright died of typhoid fever in 1912, when he was only 55 years old, and Willie Wright sold his stake in the airline in 1915.
He died in 1948.
The two brothers remained single all their lives. There had been many researches, experiments and experiments in this field before, but it is not possible to say that the invention of the airplane rests with the brothers. No matter what level they are on the list, it is important to consider the usefulness of the aircraft itself.
I think the airplane is a less important invention than a printing press or a smoky engine, because both inventions have revolutionized human history.
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person, neither in war nor in peace. In the next few decades, airplanes have shrunk our vast landscape.
Also, the success of human flight made possible the development of space travel.
For hundreds of years, man has been dreaming of air travel. Practitioners have always thought that the magic carpets of Alif Lailawi stories are just dreams. In the real world, this can never happen. Made this long-held dream possible, and made a magical story a reality.

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