Understand the obstacles

 Understand the obstacles

This article is about trying to understand the obstacles in the way of thinking process

In order to continue the thinking process, it is important that we understand the thoughts that arise on the screen of our minds and not run away from them in order to avoid things that hinder this thinking process.

Contemplation is the greatest act of man which keeps our condition evolving. We do not suffer from stagnation. Otherwise our example is like stagnant water in which rot spreads due to lack of flow.

One way to continue this process. That is, we should consider the things around us and take the aspect of being attached to them, which is also an aspect of worship.

It is said that if someone says that I do not know, then it is as if it is half knowledge and it is also said that if you do not know something, then you should say Allah knows best. We see that the majority in the conversation usually listens to tell the story. In other words, we make the other believe that I have no need to listen or know or hide anything from me. I know every problem very well. As I know, this kind of thinking is becoming an obstacle in the process of thinking in which we do not openly admit our ignorance and prevent ourselves from contemplating in the acquisition of knowledge

. Caution or seriousness is very important in this thinking process if there is no seriousness and caution. So it should be understood that there will not be in the real sense what is called the acquisition of knowledge through contemplation.

It is said that there is no limit to knowledge, there is no limit to thinking in the way of acquiring knowledge, but it is also necessary to take time and be mentally calm in order to continue this thought process Obstacles

This process develops only when we have the courage to put it into practice, which requires us to be accountable so that new intellectual aspects can emerge.

Islam teaches: Kill falsehood be silent about it

And somewhere it has


been said: If evil is asleep, let it sleep.

On the one hand, such behavior also leads to a continuum of thought processes within us in which we preserve our spiritual economy, which is essential to keep building ourselves.