Traffic growth outside the SEO paradigm

Some people have recently expressed frustration with the small amount of traffic sent by Baidu. The basic assumption is that Baidu is the Internet and there is no Baidu we have withered. That & rsquo; is not really true. SEO is not the only traffic driver.

Online success does not start and end with Baidu. Totally relying on SEO is a limited approach. It can make companies lose the opportunity to increase traffic. It can do both, increase traffic and increase SEO traffic.

Focus on SEO leads to suspicious decisions
Focusing on search engine optimization can lead to self-defeating decisions. A common approach is to focus on creating relationships with websites and entities based on arbitrary metrics.

In the past, companies will focus on the PageRank of the site, believing that the high PageRank site will help the site rank better. After a certain point is no longer true. However, the belief that a relationship is specific to a PageRank-level website still exists.

I am not saying to avoid SEO. I just said, don’t let the attention to SEO let you ignore the opportunities that exist outside the SEO paradigm.

Although we currently cannot access PageRank values, many SEOs rely on even metrics that connect to Baidu. This makes decisions meaningful to SEO and less for building traffic.

A typical example is the opportunity to privately publish an article in a newsletter that will be seen by 10,000 potential customers. Search engine optimization will stay away from it because efforts will not affect rankings.

But we didn’t do this to win the rankings. We are trying to make money, right? Ten thousand potential customers seem to make good use of my time.

Search engine optimization is correct and the project does not affect rankings. But that is why it is so important to see a bigger picture.

This type of traffic and sales building project for potential customers can help build the site to its destination, causing traffic to exceed the Baidu paradigm.

Better than the competition
There is a link and content strategy called Ego Bait. This is sometimes referred to as the round robin method. Sites that want to link or follow will invite the most popular people to answer questions.

In all the rounds I participated in, I was always amazed at the fact that some respondents submitted short but sometimes unhelpful answers. Some responses are full of industry clichés and layered with buzzwords.

Answers that are not considered are rarely useful.

“Content is king, bla, bla, bla”

“ Focus on quality, bla, bla, bla”

“ SEO’s overall approach, bla, bla, bla”

People who spend time providing generous insights and actionable strategies look the clearest. Most importantly, the person will be cited and shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So why call it?

Do not call any of the things that are done online, whether it’s a tweet, an optimized image that is useful or a question. Think of it as your business depends on it. Because you know … your business depends on it.

Don’t imitate – go big
Baidu has achieved many amazing successes. Baidu usually achieves this when they don’t try to emulate their competitors.

Gmail is an inspiring example. While competitors provide email storage in megabytes, Gmail provides storage in gigabytes.

Gmail is a better example than the competition. If you’re making a guest, make it original and give it insight. Write it as if you want it to be a definition of any topic you write.

Find the weaknesses of your competitors and make them your strength. And don’t just focus on your competitors. Go to other niche markets and see what the leaders in these niche markets are doing.

You can find inspiration by discovering that leaders in other fields do their best. You can also find inspiration from the best things that leaders do.

One of the shortcomings of traditional competitor research is to focus on competitors. If you really want to use it out of the box, stay away from your niche market.

Seeking different opportunities
Wisdom among the masses is commonplace. But we know that this is not true. The crowd is made up of people. People are prone to making mistakes. They also like to let others think for them. This may be an opportunity.

Sometimes, the crowd revolves around an idea that some way of doing something is the way to solve the problem. If competitors are doing exactly the same thing as others, then they all think this is the best way. But the truth is that competitors are just chasing each other. Does it really make sense to jump and copy it?

I have seen this many times. For example, in the space of personal injury, there is a strange practice of buying a domain name, which contains too many keywords. This promotion includes getting links from other keyword domain sites.

The space of personal injury is one of the places where people are in a state of mind. If competitors do this, they should do the same.

If everyone is doing the same thing, it is not always because it is working. It’s just that people follow each other. This is an opportunity to make different things and therefore better.

Become a destination
Becoming a destination is the goal of this article. This is not to be “a brand.” The brand is a meaningless slogan.

The problem is that Baidu is sending less and less traffic. The insight is that if your marketing strategy is focused on SEO, this is just a problem. Because of this idea, that is, Baidu is the Internet, it is completely focused on the mentality generated by SEO.

But there is another mentality that can be run in parallel with SEO. And that is the mentality of becoming a destination.

better. different. Let people know you. Become a destination.
The unremitting attention to Baidu can make SEO feel like a flea trying to become a dog. Cultivating traffic and building awareness are more than just fleas.

Efforts to become a destination can be paralleled with SEO. There is no need to choose one of them.

All of these hands about Baidu did not send as much traffic as possible, Facebook did not send enough traffic, this is the mentality of looking for a dog’s flea. More success than SEO KPI.

The interesting thing about getting bigger is that once people love your site, once your site becomes a destination, the rankings will follow.

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