The reality of acquiring knowledge

 Knowledge teaches the Son of Man to come into the world, to understand the purpose of life and to find his own purpose. Awareness and thinking are created in a person who acquires knowledge which becomes a guarantee of his success in the future. It is as if we are acquiring knowledge, but what changes is this knowledge-making in our personality …

Is the acquisition of knowledge of any benefit to us or are we also like an animal that carries a heavy load on itself? Yes, the only difference here is the books. Assuming that you get excellent marks in the exam, as a result of which you will get a few prizes and gifts from your loved ones. . That is, it is necessary to use intelligence and wisdom in the matter of acquiring knowledge. That is why there is a difference between knowledge, the learned, and the ignorant. And that the Lord is described in the Qur’an:

“O Prophet of God equal to the saying of Prophet Muhammad world and who do not know (ignorance). Only those who have intellect receive advice. ”(Surat al-Zumar: 9)

So what is the acquisition of knowledge? Let us know the reality of the acquisition of knowledge. First of all, Allah has placed it among those who acquire knowledge and those who understand its importance. This is a great blessing for which this life will be shortened. Have you ever considered that when a stone is carved, it undergoes a certain process after which the stone is transformed into an attractive sculpture?

 In the same way, knowledge carves a human being and highlights the faculties within him Jealousy comes from being the noblest of creatures. However, knowledge shows the direction of life. The attachment to learning is always alive in the person who acquires knowledge, on the basis of which he must learn something at every place. So just as we keep our cell phones up-to-date, so does the learning process.

That is why the fire of learning burns inside the person who acquires knowledge. This is explained in the light of the hadith that the teacher of humanity, the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“There are two hungry people who are never satisfied. Hunger for knowledge (student) 2. Hunger for wealth (student world). ”Al-Kafi vol. 1, p. 46 Continuing the

conversation, I would like to tell you about the positive changes that take place in human actions through knowledge, one of which is self-confidence. Knowledge creates confidence within man. Knowledge gives a person the courage to present his argument to the world or to convey his message to others. Remember you can’t be known unless you get rid of the fear that keeps you from competing or giving your opinion …

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves. However, history has shown that some people came into the world who used their abilities to make different and unique inventions that the world is still benefiting from today, ie the ability to create, invent or create something within human knowledge. 

Thanks to which the standard of success of man becomes which is the best change and virtue born from the acquisition of knowledge. One of the biggest positive changes through knowledge is that knowledge shapes human character. The acquisition of knowledge further strengthens man’s faith and belief. Piety is born in the Son of Man, and even after his departure from the world, his character and sincerity remain alive and he rules over the hearts. Allah the Exalted states in the Holy Qur’an:

“Allah will raise those of you who believe, and those who have knowledge.” سورۃ المجادلہ آي 11. 11.

Remember! Knowledge is the reference to your every action and that is the reality of knowledge. May the Lord of the worlds help us to acquire knowledge and help us to make a good goal of our acquisition of knowledge and count us among those who have true knowledge that will lead to the betterment of ourselves and others … Amen


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