The first announcer of Pakistan Television Tariq Aziz

The earth is becoming empty of people.
This color should not be seen in the sky
Mr. Tariq Aziz, the foremost announcer, composer, poet and sole employer of Pakistan, descended the ladder on June 17, 2020 and embarked on a journey towards the endless valleys of nothingness. 
Selfless love, human sympathy and sincerity came to an end … The first announcers in the world of broadcasting were made with our Bazm Wafa that all the realities related to Wafa became myths and dreams. … The legendary figure of Pakistan who ruled over Pakistan television for more than half a century. His beautiful voice has been silenced forever. People know him by the name of Tariq Aziz. He left such impressions on Pakistan Television with his unique hospitality that will be remembered for a long time. Their style of conversation and smiles have become immortal forever. Such people are the dignity of their country. They are the pride of the country. 
Tariq Aziz 1936 I was born in Jalandhar but after the establishment of Pakistan he came to Pakistan with his family, he got his primary education in Sahiwal. He started his professional life with Radio Pakistan Lahore. When Pakistan Television was started in 1964, Tariq Aziz was the first male announcer of PTV, but his real fame came in 1975 from PTV’s popular game show auction house which continued uninterrupted for almost ten years. ۔ 
When the auction house reopened after a hiatus of several years, it was renamed “Tariq Aziz Show”. Thus, he hosted the program for more or less 40 years. The first male announcer, however, gained real fame in 1975 from the popular PTV game show Auction House, which continued uninterrupted for almost ten years. When the auction house reopened after a hiatus of several years, it was renamed “Tariq Aziz Show”. Thus, he hosted the program for more or l
ess 40 years. The first male announcer, however, gained real fame in 1975 from the popular PTV game show Auction House, which continued uninterrupted for almost ten years. When the auction house reopened after a hiatus of several years, it was renamed “Tariq Aziz Show”. Thus, he hosted the program for more or less 40 years.
Leading TV composer Tariq Aziz has passed away. He also acted in films and won the Nigar Award. Tariq Aziz was also a member of the National Assembly.
Tariq Aziz was born in Jalandhar in 1936. When Pakistan was established, he moved to Pakistan with his family. He received his early education in Sahiwal. He started his career with Pakistan Radio and Television. When PTV was launched in 1964, he had the honor of being the first male announcer. He acted in many films including “Humanity” and “Lost Man” and won two awards for his outstanding performance.
He gained fame from the popular PTV program Auction House. Karzar also entered politics and was elected a member of the National Assembly. Tariq Aziz was also a poet and a writer. A collection of his columns has been published under the name of “Dastan” and a collection of Punjabi poetry titled “Hamzad Da Dukh” has been published.
Tariq Aziz was ill for some time. Today, when his health deteriorated, he met Khaliq Haqiqi. He turned 85 years old. Millions of fans in Pakistan and around the world are mourning his death. Tariq Aziz has been entertaining the Pakistani people through PTV for decades. He was a literary personality with high artistic abilities, making his program a means of educating the people. Tariq Aziz will always live in the hearts of the people …
I remember the whole story from head to toe.
Even today I remember that person verbally.
Our childhood was spent watching Tariq Aziz’s auction house.
When the program started, Tariq Aziz would come running holding the mic in his hand … He often wore a delicately sewn shalwar kameez …
He would address the audience with his famous phrase
“Blessed be the name of the Lord is the beginning Jalil, who knows secrets of the heart. Eyes, ears to hear Tariq Aziz arrived in the salute”
If you read poetry from a student than they shouted Gerrard ….. But did not scold. . . He would correct it in such a way that the listener would think that the poet had written this ghazal or poem because one day Tariq Aziz would read it. And that lion will die.
If you called the newly married couple, you would put a big enchanting smile on your face … it would be fun … and the phrasing would be perfect …
The prize winners would be dropped off on the steps of the stage.
Many people like me would have added to the information by looking at the comparison of public information questions.
If Tariq Aziz uttered a word, it would become a proof that this word is spoken like this … what Tariq Aziz said …
I remember when I asked to become head teachers work during Mass Anchor often get
to hear “Tariq Aziz was”
Aziz sahib!
You were the name of an era.
We remember waving that arm of yours …
Remember to say “Long live Pakistan” …
Your smile … I remember your style statement …
Maybe it was for you that Ahmad Faraz said …
“I have heard that when you speak, flowers fall from your words.”
Tariq Aziz once asked the late Dildar Bhatti how do you remember so many jokes. Dildar Bhatti smiled and said that just as you remember so many poems, so do I remember so many jokes. Be it Dildar Bhatti, Moin Akhtar, or Tariq Aziz, such people are not born every day. By listening to their talk and hospitality, people have learned to speak and make speeches. But will always be proud … Pakistan These children of Pakistan will always be alive and will continue to beat in the hearts of the people … Tariq Aziz also wrote Punjabi poetry … “Hamzad Da Dukh” is his collection of Punjabi poetry. He has portrayed the reality of life in short poems very well.
“This is destiny”
gradually be forgotten and will gradually learn each other’s shapes
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In “Hamzad Da Dukh”, he conveyed the meaning of life in such a way that life feels moving and breathing with its whole atmosphere. He has beautifully recorded the truths of life. He writes:
“A real flower.” From
ancient times
two tribes have come into the world ,
one who drank poison and the
other who drank poison
. …
Many things have made Tariq Aziz famous. The sweetness of his style has softened the hearts of lovers. There are many modes of pleasure hidden in Tariq Aziz’s Punjabi poetry for people of all ages and temperaments. Even today, his poems are very popular. Tariq Aziz was a serious thinker and a complete poet … and he had thousands of poems of classical and modern poets … his memory was bad …
” The reason for living forever ” is a new friend
after you,
dear friend, for
whose life you give
your life
. ۔
Tariq Aziz presented the realities of life very well in his short Punjabi poems. He uses both words and rhymes to create melodies and music in the poems. He uses long and short rhymes. Qareena adds to the lyricism of the poem. Easy, restrained, life is the name of this very beautiful statement which, if one looks at it, one would think that it was also in my heart and say every poet or poetess. It is easy for him when he tries to write like that, but he can’t write … Tariq Aziz’s words are full of examples of this … He is a true poet and his poetry is true poetry. His fluency and eloquence is evident everywhere in his life and he also describes the subjects in a simple and smooth manner in such a way that everyone can enjoy them. ۔
“A poem for Farzana” on
small flowers
Aynuyn from lrya can not
aydyan suhnyan eyes to UC
hnju not remain filled
not ease your donation which can
be crea not less than Oh
…………………… .. .. .. .. …
“Did not know whether to be the”
last hour of the evening was
the heart of the depression may be
something emerges in all Nagar
any Vidy thing guacy of
something emerges such as the creation
of your blood thirsty o
………… .. .. .. .. .. .. .. …
Yes, Tariq Aziz’s creativity is boundless. The fluency and musical element in his poems, his novels point to this century. That all the veils of hypocrisy and reconciliation are lifted at once and thus man himself is exposed to man. Then there is no need to expose the contradictions of this artificial society with regard to human relations. Nor is there any response to her cries. Man’s inner state becomes restless. See a poem. The mother’s relationship is the sweetest and most sensitive relationship in the world. Below, Allah, the Lord of Glory, has placed the greatest reward of Paradise … “Mother” is another name of the Lord of Truth … … see this poem.
“True polytheism”
In the distant heavens and under the name of the
true Lord , there is only one mother in this