Syed Mubarak Shah

Syed Mubarak Shah

On Friday, May 1, after attending the meeting of Arbab Zouk constituency of Gujarat, returning with Dr Qamar Siddiqui, as a poet, our poetic vein began to burst and we began to tell each other our own words. Qamar Bhai because of his love. If not millions, then there are thousands of fans. There is always something new to be learned by sitting in their company. Dr Qamar Siddiqui seems to rule by words. 
Let his pen go or his lips move. Step kiss Khair Kalam started with a series of ghazals, followed by Hamdo Naat and then reached Manqabat. Then the thought of Mr Syed Mubarak Shah Sahib came to my mind. I said to Siddiqui Sahib. Brother IM Rally Inspired by Ten Men. Siddiqui brother smiled and said. Would you like to meet? So I said yes brother. Siddique sahib said ok we are going to have an evening with him soon whenever he comes to me I need you

I was overwhelmed waiting for the day when Shah Sahib came here and I could meet him.

June 2nd and Tuesday was the day when my brother Dr Mazharul Haq stepped on the land of Kharian and gave me an honourable meeting. I was so happy with his arrival that I was just wandering in my mind that in your path to coming Bedding eyelids

Mazhar Bhai is a very cheerful and sociable person. One of his special qualities is that despite being a high-level poet, he does not have the habit of reciting his poetry like every other poet. His sincere tone and captivating heart. After meeting him once, Mazhar bhai compels him to meet him for the second time. We spent a lot of time together in which Mazhar Bhai used to say the same thing every now and then. Say something, I am a good listener. 

This process of listening to us continued for many hours. Full of Mazhar Bhai’s innovation. Listening to poetry, my heart became full of joy. And then suddenly the thought of Syed Mubarak Shah Sahib came to my mind like a flutter. Mazhar Bhai is counted among the close friends of Shah Sahib. It was too late to mention Shah Sahib. Mazhar Bhai bound me in the siege of Shah Sahib’s ghazals and poems. And I used to look at Mazhar Bhai in amazement and sometimes I would think about Shah Sahib’s personality. 

After a while, Mazhar Bhai turned my laptop towards him and After opening the YouTube web, they started showing me the videos that Mazhar Bhai had made and uploaded by himself. They were by Tahir Jameel and Syed Mubarak Shah Sahib. While watching these videos, at 6:30 pm, Mazhar Bhai showed me the magic of Shah Sahib. I walked to Jakhar’s house. At half-past six, Mazhar Bhai walked me to Jakhar’s house in the magic of Shah Sahib. At half-past six, Mazhar Bhai walked me to Jakhar’s house in the magic of Shah Sahib.

Shah Sahib has a unique personality in Urdu literature. Each poem distinguishes him from other poets. The style is different. Somewhere he flies beyond the heavens and somewhere he looks at the depths of the underworld. Somewhere he is the gods of the earth. to address the human race a position that calls saying do not despise any form of man himself once disguised God says advocate God alone, and stood in a human court that counts many believe you have you said God is

doing in their gamers recognize the unique personality of the king’s close dulaynun hy.bry large articles hy understanding of human existence Shah to surprise.

He described the sufferings of mankind in different ways about the oneness of God, the relationship between God and man, the love of the mother and the love of the mother. Expressing his love for his mother in his own words, he said that people

I must have seen the coffin rising. I saw the Lord leaving my house and said somewhere that now I am sitting on his grave wondering when I saw my mother’s face carefully the day I opened my eyes maybe that day or when He closed his eyes then saw but the wind was such that the sky calls me to its day and the gravity of the earth stops my steps.

On 27th June, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I received a call from Mazhar Bhai that Arab Shah Sahib has given us a scar. Today he has passed away due to cardiac arrest. I was surprised and saddened to hear this. lga.aur shock began to circulate manage my STAYS heart attack in Shah also spent time moving atmosphere of collapse loads so that as you come down on her sky are already breathing the Float stone astronaut killed in the veins or blood The acid is in the breath, the heart is in the vein, the heart was beating, the rate of curvature of the universe, who can explain its pain today? 

The news of the doomsday shook the pillars of Urdu literature. Before leaving, this man had said that the fear of death can be killed. Keeping alive can be kept alive. That person is still with us today even after he is gone. His words testify to his existence. And I will end with this poem of Shah Sahib. There would be no crack on the panel at the end of dead mileage will be no crack in the earth that will fill my body benevolent billion Hashmi

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