Show individuality and succeed An interesting and unique event

Show individuality and succeed An interesting and unique event

Today is the age of competition. This term is not only used for growth in a business but now it has become very important for personal growth. Whether we want to make a living or find a job, there is a lot of competition between the two. Every servant wants to move forward. Wants to get everything done quickly. But we forget that this is not possible with hard work and routine.

Achieving any goal is difficult but not impossible if there is good intentions. Suddenly, there are reasons why the servant is astonished. But the condition is that if the intention is true, if there is individuality in the effort, then the destination becomes easier. In this regard, a unique incident took place in the neighboring country in recent days which is an encouraging lesson for the people suffering from unemployment and low income.

Gita, a woman in Poona, Maharashtra, lost her lucrative job. Now her job was not of a hi-fi type, nor was she associated with a profession that was in high demand, but she was just a modest aunt working in the house. Then the woman tried hard to get somewhere again but nothing was happening.

When she finally got a job in a house through a friend, the new owner helped Gita get some more work in such a unique way that in a short period of time, the woman got a lot of employers.

All she could do was get her new aunt a visiting card. On which the introduction of him and his work was described in a very unique way. The cards were not only distributed to other homes by security guards, but the owner also posted them on social media. Now check the result of good faith and this unique effort that the visiting card of this aunt working in the house went so viral on social media that she received thousands of calls from all over the country and was offered a job. Guess for yourself that with this little unique effort, Gita not only got a job soon but also got a good reputation as a bonus.

So, sir, it is clear from this incident that luck also gives us the best support when we also do our best. Some similar incidents have been seen before when a young Pakistani named Saleem wrote a unique CV of 28 pages in 2016. When she went viral on social media, she soon found the best job. Similarly, in 2018, a young American web developer named David started giving his CV to everyone who came to Silicon Valley Street to further improve his job endeavors after completing his college education. As a result, she soon found a job in a company.

You sir Our Pakistani youth should take a critical look at their efforts instead of getting discouraged and frustrated. Introduce yourself in different ways. Bring uniqueness to your work by consulting good people. Always try to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Bring uniqueness to your CV, cover letter, office correspondence, conversation and work, etc., because often even a small piece of paper presented in a unique way (visiting card) has great power to change the situation.

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