SEO: Path Security

I work as an IS/IT director for a decent international charity. One of our big projects this year is to redo our website. For some companies, this is a small effort, but considering our online business has an annual turnover of nearly $200,000, this is a very important part for us.

One area we are looking at now is the Data Access Path (DAP) and the security associated with search engines.

DAP monitoring is something that most low-end websites do at their own discretion because they don’t think it will affect them in any way. The way most low-end websites view DAP is “how users get what they want”, which is basically the architecture. However, DAP is a continuous path that can be tracked through your website.

In the context of search engine optimization, it’s important to pay attention to your website from a search engine perspective at any given moment. Instead of treating each subpage as a reference to the main page, or as a way to pass the PR, let the DAP-aware company treat each page as its own resource and monitor the incoming and outgoing from that page. Outgoing links to ensure they are prioritized, relevant and necessary.

I found this to be helpful for Ensight because I was thinking about redesigning it. A non-DAP-aware mindset will be “Okay, every article page visits the main page, so I am fine” & ldquo;. However, a DAP-aware mindset will realize that each article is more than just a link to the main page. It is related to its category, network-related links, and the topics it discusses. So, in my redesign, I will include each of these elements (and more) to ensure that each page is essentially a separate entity, without relying on the rest of the site to represent importance.

The second project is not a very important project, but it may be the one you want to evaluate annually. In fact, search engines are better at discovering what we want to hide than most of us know. From financial statements to credit card numbers, the sheer volume of confidential information available to savvy searchers is terrible. So, do an annual assessment and make sure you are not exposing (or exposing) sensitive information.

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