The first king of the Egyptian royal family, Sanz, was the so-called “Nirvana” who united Egypt for the first time and laid the foundation of the kingdom, which played along and dignified role in the history of human civilization.

The dates of Sanz’s birth and death are unknown. It is generally believed that it rose to prominence around 3100 BC. Before that, Egypt was not a united country but was divided into sovereign kingdoms.

One was located in the Nile Delta to the north, the other was located in the Nile Valley in the south. (The Nile flows down to the sea). However, King Senz of Upper Egypt conquered the northern kingdom and merged the two parts.

Sans (also called “Normer”).

He came from Themes, a town in southern Egypt. After conquering the Northern Kingdom, he proclaimed himself “King of Upper and Lower Egypt.” On the former frontiers of the kingdoms, the Senses established a city, Symphos, which became the capital of the newly united country in view of its central geographical position.

The ruins of Symphos are located close to present-day Cairo. For centuries, the city was considered one of the most important cities in Egypt and has long been the country’s capital.

Very little is known about Sans. He ruled for a long time. According to ancient sources, up to 62 years. This period may have been extended with exaggeration.

Despite our limited knowledge of this particular period, we can gauge the insignificance of Sans’s achievements.

In the pre-Sense period, Egyptian civilization was less developed than its neighboring Sumerian civilization, which is located in present-day Iraq. Egypt’s political unification gave the Egyptian people better opportunities to express themselves to Jawaharlal Nehru. The period of rapid progress began in India. The foundations of governmental and social institutions were laid during the early period of the royal family, which lasted for two thousand years with relatively modest amendments.

(Hieroglyphic) pictorial writing was also developed during this period, as architectural and other technical sciences flourished. Egypt has become the most developed country in the world in terms of wealth and civilization. Such far-reaching achievements have come only to a few civilizations.

It is difficult to estimate the status of the Senses in this list, as we do not have the information to show how important the Senses are in conquering northern Egypt and uniting Egypt. In the absence of reliable information, we can only speculate about its value. However, we can speculate that its role was very important.

The Pharaohs of Egypt were not puppets but possessed immense power. Historical evidence shows that no monarchy has ever achieved significant success under the leadership of an incompetent ruler. So it is often speculated that he was instrumental in the major conquests of his time. Despite our lack of knowledge about it, it is clear that Sans was one of the most influential figures in history. Is.

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