Respect for the teacher yesterday and today

 Respect for the teacher yesterday and today

Respect for the teacher yesterday and today

when Allah Almighty and the Almighty Adam created by God and worship commanded the angels, Adam and Allah Almighty Allah to give top priority and excellence Adam Angels Adam He taught Salam the names of some things and then presented the same things to the angels, but the angels did not know those names. The angels said, “We do not know, we do not know. Please tell, what’s the story of the big puppies ….. When Adam (peace be upon him) mentioned that name, the Almighty gave Adam superiority over the angels. He told Adam what he had learned. He said that it was the first time that the Almighty taught or taught Adam (peace be upon him).

There is a lack of learning and teaching in human beings. In order to fulfill this lack, the Almighty sent His Holy Prophets. What was the purpose of the prophets to learn and teach, etiquette, manners, ethics, civilization, and culture as many things as the Almighty taught the creatures from the prophets? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) himself is saying that my example is like that of a teacher. If I narrate the first narration, then the Almighty is the one who teaches, and in the second narration, the Prophet (peace be upon him) is the one who teaches. That is why Islam has given importance to a teacher, a teacher, a leader of a civilization, and values. Many people’s hard work and efforts are behind their success in any human life. Many people have a role to play in making human life successful. In which parents, relatives, friendly society, and teachers all somehow get involved in some or the other process.

After parents, if a person plays an important role in someone’s success, then he is his teacher. When a person is in a good position after graduation or attains a high position in the society, his teacher is as happy as his parents. In Islam too, the teacher has great dignity and status. The status of a teacher is equal to that of a father. After getting out of the mother’s lap, it is the teacher who teaches the child to climb the ladder of life and climb it. Enables him to make a name for himself in society.

Dear Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). “I have been sent as a teacher.” Hazrat Ali Karam used to say the reason. “Whoever taught me a word is my master.” Teaching is the profession of the Holy Prophets. A look at the last few years reveals that the teacher was highly respected. When the teacher was passing by, the learner would deviate from the path and follow his respected teacher after passing by. Respect for the teacher was considered indispensable. Parents made it clear to their children that even before them, listening to their teacher and beating the teacher was considered a guarantee of success. Our religion, Islam, also teaches us to respect our elders and to have compassion for our children.

A look at the current era reveals that the teacher is given the lowest rank. Where the teacher was called the benefactor of the nation and in the present era, insulting the teacher has become common. Today, children do not pay attention to the teacher’s words, but if the teacher stops him by making a mistake, then the children consider this teacher as their enemy and even say that our parents do not stop us. Who are you? No, some students even get into abusive gossip and scuffles. A few months ago, a video was shown on social media in which some children were beating a teacher with sticks and kicks and he was repeatedly saying that I am a teacher, why are you beating me. The teacher’s mistake was to stop these young men from going to the girls at his college function. When a nation starts raising its hand on its benefactor, what progress will that nation make?

Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “He who does not show compassion to our little ones and respect our elders is not one of us.” This blessed hadith means that he would be out of the realm of Islam. A society and a nation that puts its benefactor on the tip of a shoe. It can be expected from this society that successors of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) will be born from this nation. Such courage will never be seen. Muhammad ibn Qasim and Salahuddin will not be born from this nation. Never will lions like Ali Karam and Wajah be born from this nation.

A nation that cannot respect its benefactor can never develop. When the parents scold the teacher and take the children with them and tell bitter words to the teacher, then the children will never respect the teacher and they will not respect the elders either. There is a saying that what is sown is reaped. So today, parents humiliate their teachers by scolding their children for disrespecting them and ignoring small mistakes. Tomorrow their children will be in front of them and they will become a plague for society. They will not shy away from humiliating their parents.

The choice of words should be positive. The child’s mistake should not be said that it is a child. He does not know, but the child is going through the process of learning all the time. It should be corrected and not ignore the child’s mistake If we want our society to be good and we want to make progress, then respect the teacher who is on the path of progress who enables you to work hard and strive for your success. You can make your mark in society. Where the honor of parents is obligatory, it is also necessary to honor the teacher. May the Lord of honor make us obedient to His elders, Amen.

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